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New to all this amd lipotrim!!!

S: 17st13lb G: 15st10lb
Hi there am new to all this forum and lipotrim and don't really know what to do lol so here goes!!!
Been chemist this morning to start my lipotrim challenge and wow can't believe iv let my self go like this. Iv decides to do it know seen as am a mum ov 3 boys 6, 2, and 6 weeks!! My oldest son as just started football down r local team n I don't want to be the fat mum on the side line n don't want ppl sayin stuff to him about me as that's not fair just coz iv let myself go my sons should not be punished or picked on!!! My partner says he loves me and will support whatever I do in life but iv always tho will he love me more if I was thin???? My kids r my world and I want to be able to run around wit out gettin out ov breath after 5 seconds n take them places on my own wit out thinkin ppl r sayin stuff behind ya back!!! So my statin weight is 114.30 kg and iv set my self a little target to start wit 100kg!!! Anyway any help or advice would be grateful at anytime tho out my travels!! thanks for listenin well readin lol peeps
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Determined to succeed ...
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You should be very proud you have made the first steps on your 'weight loss journey' and you certainly sound as if you have 'your head in the right place' to start and the biggest incentive in the world with your young man and the children. A 6 week old babe - Congratulations!

I'm new to all this - just got [getting through my first week] weigh in tommorrow so fingers crossed.

My advice:

Don't beat yourself up - you can't change the past only one day at a time - starting now.

If you havn't done it already - watch the info DVD on the 'Lipotrim website'. I found it really informative and motivational...

Share with us lot here - you'll see 'nobodies perfect''[no pun intended] but everyone is so inspirational [and that includes you young lady!!!]

Take Care and lots of luck x.
S: 17st13lb G: 15st10lb
WOW thank u so much for ur very very kind words!!!! Let us all know about ur weight loss. U sound like ur very much in the zone wit ur weight loss journey!!! Good luck, I watched the video a few days ago that's why I went today after our 6 week post pregnancy review wit the doctor!! Thanks again
Hi there,

You should be so proud of all your achievements in life so far. Youre a great Mum to three beautiful children and you have a spouse who is loving and supportive. You should really give yourself credit for this and I admire you. So start with those positives.

Now, the weightloss, you can do this too. No doubt about it!!! Im only on my first day but Ive done this before and stopped because I felt I didnt deserve it, felt guilty or some other lame excuse. Stresses and strains of life also dont help.

So a lot like me, you want to do it for your kids too. Thats a great incentive but you have to do it for YOU too. You have to get inside your head and realise you deserve this for you too.

There's a great thread on the General Weightloss Forum called, '' Bring your Head inside and your Body will follow'', I find this is helping and will help me a lot on my journey. Hope you find it useful too!!! All the best hun xx
S: 17st13lb G: 15st10lb
Thank u candy n u should never feel like that hun!!! I will defo look at that thread ya was on about as even tho i am doin it for my kids and me I still feel a little guilty that the money for this could be used on days out n stuff for kids!!(all in my head)

Good luck wit ur journey Hun as well!!


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S: 13st6lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 2st2lb(15.96%)
Welcome to the forum and good luck on your journey. I am only on week three but it helps a great deal to see how amazing other people have done on this diet. Congratulations on the baby!


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S: 13st6lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 2st2lb(15.96%)
Hi magi if ya don't mind me Askin how much have u lost in ur 3 weeks ov been on LT??? N thanks about my baby
Sorry for my delayed answer officially in two weeks I have lost 12lbs. But I will have my week three weighing tomorrow and will update you soon. I hope you are getting on well.X

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