New to CC and also a coeliac

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  1. Nessicle

    Nessicle Member

    I everyone 30 year old mum to two little ones, ages 3 and 1. Been trying and failing to lose weight with slimming world and ww. Then decided why not try cc with mfp as it's free!

    I'm 5ft 2" and currently 10st not huge for for my height I'm over weight.

    Mfp has set me 1200 calories for losing 1b a week. Sound about right?

    I struggle with high fibre low calorie and day foods as I have coeliac disease and most gluten free stuff is higher in calories than non gf stuff.
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  3. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Good luck :) it may be worth you looking at primal/paleo diet and recipes as they are gluten free as no grains are allowed. Might help if you find 1200 too little :)

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  4. Nessicle

    Nessicle Member

    Thank you! I will definitely check recipes from those diets that's great. I will see how I go on 1200 but I can always reduce my rate of weight loss to 0.5lbs to increase calories x
  5. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    Just wanted to say hi as I follow a gluten free diet due to a wheat intolerance

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