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Attack New to diary writing

:wave_cry: Hello. This is the first time I've ever written on anything like this so am going to give it a go. I started the dukan diet on Sunday and so far it's going well. Tonight is the first time I've felt a bit hungry and washed out. Having real problems sleeping the last couple of nights so it could be to do with that. Have found the diet relatively easy to cope with but I did plan in advance for it. Have set my target weight higher that I would really like to be but that's the last weight I can remember being a few years back. Hopefully if I achieve this I will set myself another target
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if you feel hungry hun eat some protien white egg omelette or chicken ....never let yourself get hungry the more protien the better loss


grammar police
welcome jackie, and well done on a good start to dukan. good to see that you're well prepared. as scrumper says get as much protein down you as you can - don't let yourself get to the point where you feel hungry, the more protein the better! posting your daily menus is a good idea - either here in your diary or in the menus thread as it helps us to keep track of how you're doing.


** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to meet you again in your own place... :D Feel free to post post and post more... one tip I use to some extent still now is to always have Dukan food at easy reach. At work on a Monday, for instance, I bring in extra yoghurt and chicken, then shuffle it down the week so that I'm not eating mouldy stuff on a Friday, but always have spare in case! Finding Dukan food when starving isn't easy!

I do the same at home, in the fridge/freezer... and often plate up my dinner earlier than I want it so that I can have it to hand when/if hunger arises...

Enjoy and glad you're feeling better. Sleeping less makes our days longer too... I'm up by 6am each morning (since quitting smoking actually!)
Still doing fine. Didn't lose any weight today but am ok with that as lost more than expected in first couple of days.
Breakfast....scrambled egg {2 whites, 1 yolk } + a tiny bit of smoked salmon
Lunch .....chicken in mayo + gallettes + yogurt
Dinner.....Steak + Minced beef
Probably didn't drink as much as I have been today so will get back on track with that tomorrow
Still not fed up with Attack phase which I thought I would be by now


Not very good at this!
Hi, and well done on a great start. Make sure you don't get too tied up with feeling that you need to lose every day, as this will slow down.


** Chief WITCH **
Home made (aka Dukan friendly) Mayo I'm hoping?
Didn't weigh myself this morning...just plain forgot.
Breakfast - scrambled egg and smoked salmon
Lunch - chicken/mayo, galettes, crab sticks
Dinner - steak and mince with onions
Feel like I'm really getting the hang of this now. Been to Asda with my prepared list and enjoyed shopping for "different things and felt quite proud of myself walking straight through the aisles that are full of stodge { the ones that I used to lurk around in for ages }
Tomorrows lunch all prepared. Have to think of dinner tho as rest of family want fish and chips....will have to show great restraint


** Chief WITCH **
Forgot to weigh in? Amazing feat!
Sounds like you're well in the zone - for dinner, think of preparing yourself plenty of Dukan friendly stuff in advance, so that you're not hungry and facing temptation with nothing ready for yourself. Perhaps try a dessert recipe too, so that you've a treat to look forward to...

Keep it up!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi and welcome Jackie and WELL DONE too. Great so see you were /are prepared and it's therefore going well. Yes as Jo said I always have some yoghurt or similar Dukan-friendly stuff in the fridge for unexpected 'hunger' (though now this can also be real hunger in my case). And for PV days my always-available treat were cherry tomatoes. Luckily spring is well on its way so they should soon be really tasty again.

I wanted to pick up on:

Feel like I'm really getting the hang of this now. Been to Asda with my prepared list and enjoyed shopping for "different things and felt quite proud of myself walking straight through the aisles that are full of stodge { the ones that I used to lurk around in for ages }
Yes I thought about this too - how much choice and availability there is in alll the stuff that really you should not be having / having in moderation once back onto 'normal healthy' eating. And really all we need is one Veg (and Fruit) aisle and the fish/meat/dairy aisles (ok ok I know I am exaggerating). And even then, what you can pick up is sooooo limited as it's all prepared and 'adulterated' (thinking of ready roasts or deli meats) which means extra fat, salt and carbs.
Been a really busy weekend so didn't get on here as much as I would have liked. Bought a new car as mine finally gave up the ghost so that was exciting. Picked daughter up from uni with oodles of washing. Went over to cruise after 6 days on attack and all is going well. Have decided to do 1/1, well its actually been decided for me as am out for dinner Weds and Fri so seemed that would be the best option for this week anyway. Am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning, but some of my clothes that used to practically cut me in half are starting to become a bit more comfortable so I know somethings happening. Will post after weigh in tomorrow


grammar police
definitely a good idea to peruse the menu in advance and choose what you'll order. much easier to know you're going for something dukan friendly in advance than risk being tempted once you get in there.
Weighed in at exactly 13 stone this morning which is an 8lb loss so far. Hopefully next weekwill be able to say I'm 12 stone something. Its a much bigger incentive to me that clothes are fitting better than what the scales tell me tho. I've got some lovely clothes that I'd love to wear again. Still feeling very motivated...I think it's because I genuinely like the food I'm eating. I can't say I've missed my usual pastry, cakes, choc etc at all. The only thing I occassionally find myself missing is bananas as they have always been my favourite food.
On Wednesday I am going to a friend's for dinner. I have explained to her that I am on this diet but its difficult to be too specific about what I can/can't have so may have to "bend the rules" slightly. Friday isn't so bad as just going to the pub. Some people are eating and other's not so if there's nothing suitable I can wait til I get home and have something suitable then. Have been exceptionally busy at work which has been a great help as it means I haven't been sitting at my desk contemplating food. Still need to up the water etc a bit. I quite like water but I'm not someone who gets thirsty very much so it's more a case of not remembering to drink it than actually not wanting it


** Chief WITCH **
For the dinner at your friend's Wednesday, I'd advise you to have something to eat beforehand that's Dukan friendly so that you're not ravenous and likely to eat everything on the table in front of you. This diet doesn't respond well to lapses, and a week's loss can be wiped out, so hopefully your friend will have taken note. I usually ask people what they're doing, and then I "know" what I can and can't have...

Good luck and well done on the weight loss so far... don't blow it now!
That's a good idea.... to have something beforehand. I only see this friend about once every 3 months so it feels a bit mean to come across as being too "fussy" re what she cooks


** Chief WITCH **
I don't consider it mean at all... as a friend, I'm sure she'd be upset to know you'd had to break a diet because she'd served you the wrong thing. This diet is hard enough to handle with big occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Easter, holidays... meals with friends are a doddle! You'll get used to it, I'm sure...

Else I meet people for drinks if I sense it'll be a hassle. Diet coke type drinks!
Well last night went much better than I thought. Chicken{no skin } with veg and small boiled potatoes which I managed to completely avoid as it was a case of help yourself. Afters was jelly and any flavoured yogurt or icecream so I managed that ok with a natural yog. Only thing I'm not sure about was whether the jelly was sugar free but I can't really beat myself up over that. If the scales don't show a loss this week I still feel highly motivated with the diet generally so I know it won't send me into a downward spiral

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