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Attack New to Dukan

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is the wrong place, I started Dukan yesterday and just wanted some advice and guidance to make sure I'm on the right track!

This is what i had to eat yesterday:
B: Boiled Egg
S: 2 tablespoons of fat free cottage cheese
L: Roasted chicken breast - no skin
D: Home made burgers made with lean mince, oatbran, an egg and seasoning
S: Vanilla Mullerlight

My first day seemed quite straightforward - it was odd not having anything next to the burgers on my plate, i had a slight headache late afternoon and felt a little sick before bed but fine this morning! Please can someone reassure me i am on the right path...I've got the book and read through attack and cruise but i want to make sure im heading on the right path!

Thanks :D
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello there and welcome,

There are no errors as such but I wonder whether you weren't starving hungry as, at your current weight, you really need to be eating more than that! Perhaps you'll be able to eat more today; It's true that having protein only meals is strange initially.

Be sure to drink plenty of water
Thanks for your reply.

I was fine yesterday and the only time I felt hungry was just before dinner, I dont know how I would be able to eat more other than having another yoghurt! Am I doing any harm in not eating enough? Any suggestions of where I can fit more in would be helpful as I find it very hard to eat much first thing. I drank plenty of water yesterday and a glass of diet coke and did 30 mins of walking.

This is what I have had/plan on having today:
B: Mullerlite Toffee with oatbran
S: Turkey slices
L: Made the Dukan meatloaf so having some of that for lunch with a couple of tbsp cottage cheese
D: Prawn omlette
S: Mullerlite

Thanks :)


Gold Member
if you feel at all hungry eat chicken is the best but any protein will do ...the trick is the more protein you eat the more weight you lose ...not going over board making your self sick or anything though lol
Thanks that does help, what i will do then is cook a few chicken breasts and just keep them with me to keep eating throughout. Thanks for your advice!


** Chief WITCH **
The idea is to preserve your muscle mass by not eating too little, but without going into crazy calculations (1g to 1.5g per kilo of body weight is advised). I can tell at a glance that you're way away from that.

In the book, he gives some meal ideas with three courses. can you add in starter?

You really can't force yourself to eat, mind, but at your current weight it'd be good to eat more protein. Think perhaps fish starter... with a meat main... and dairy dessert.
Thanks for that, that does make sense, I am finding it hard to try eat more but tonight I had tuna and prawns in a yoghurt sauce and 2 chicken breasts so hopefully that will up my protein.

Will I have done any harm by not eating enough yesterday? I'm a bit worried now! Thanks again for your advice.


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Hi tyke and welcome. I didn't really eat much during my first two days of attack as that was something my dad neglected to tell me to do! (he got me into dukan having lost 3st himself) Then on my third day I ate loads (sticking to diet) rang my dad to confess and told me I should have been doing it all along! Dads lol.

So my point is do not fear! Im losing weight and didnt affect me because i made sure i ate more after. Just start eating a bit more if you can. I cook loads of chicken usualy cut into bite size pieces flavoured in Cajun spices and have it in a freezer bag and eat them like crisps at work. Really good for snacking.

Also, I take a cooler bag with me with all my food in... I look a bit sad carrying it around but I don't care lol xx


** Chief WITCH **
When I look at some people's menus, including certain old timers, I'm amazed that they have, say, "chicken" only for lunch. When I query the quantity, it's a lot of it. Like you, I couldn't possibly eat a lot of one thing on its own (yawn). So I tend to have a bit of this, that and the other forming a PP meal out of, say, a 1/2 piece of salmon, handful of prawns, spoonful cottage cheese, followed by some chicken marinated in whatever and dry fried. Just an idea if you're struggling to eat one given food in the required quantity.

Don't worry about it though - and one day certainly won't hurt - just work at having decent sized portions of meat/fish etc (not necessarily a tonne of dairy though!)
Hi Emma and thanks for your reply. Your dad has done great and well done to you as well. I was worried that I'd have to start over again, I'm doing a 5 day attack so it should work out fine. The cool bag is a good idea that i might copy and not sad at all lol.

Maintainer - I have been reading through some peoples diarys and wondered how they eat so much of one thing, I had a large amount of mince on my first day and I have to say that variety is key. I find the evening meal hardest to plan but I think I will have to be a bit more adventurous.

I am surprised arent finding it too difficult to stick to Dukan, especially surprised i dont have any cravings. Can you advise me of how often I should weigh myself? Thanks again for your help, it's great having support :)


** Chief WITCH **
I agree with you re variety and, to ensure I have it each meal without too much faffing, I prepare two (or three!) lunch tupperwares at a time!

Dukan suggests to initially weigh oneself each day - you will see great losses in attack, but of course there is some water there. Things will settle down in Cruise so then it's up to the individual. One can find a tendency to lose on PP days, and regain a little on PV days. No worries though, it's a downward trend which you should see overall.

Check out our menu threads to see what people eat. Unfortunately many don't bother posting which doesn't help!

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