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Green Days New to Green Days - ideas please!


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Hi all
After a STS last night I decided to mix up my beloved Extra Easy days with some green and maybe red but I'm stuck for ideas!
So far I have had:
HEB - Shredded wheat
HEA - Skimmed milk

Superfree bean soup
HEB - Bread roll
1 triange of Dairylea (not sure syns?)

Couscous cake was mouldy so had a pear!

D ????

No idea what to have for dinner! I'm not a massive quorn fan but I love meat so I need some ideas pretty please! I have another HEA left so cheese of some sort could work.

Thankies :)
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Ooh that sounds nice! Did you litterally cook it all and then whack it togther with the Philly?


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yeah i cooked the pasta and peas as normal and fried chopped leek, then just threw it all together with the philli with salt n pepper, bloomin gorgeous


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You can have two B's and 2 A's on Green. So your cheese triangles can be a HExA and you can have 5 or 6 extra light triangles or I think 3 light as an A.

So for dinner you've still got a HExB left and 15 syns. You can have loads of stuff with that!

Syn some meat or have a measured portion as a HExB with some pasta or a jacket potato and a load of veg.
Make a chicken and veg curry or have some fish with mash and veg and syn a sauce.

Poached eggs, bacon, chopped tomatoes, SW chips and a couple of pieces of wholemeal bread is a favourite of mine (I have Quorn bacon though) but you can have 57g of cooked bacon as a HExB.

I'm doing a sweet and sour quorn for tea tonight with basmati rice, do you like sweet and sour chicken? There's a lovely sauce recipe in my recipes page (link in my sig), just replace the quorn with 71g of cooked chicken breast for a HExB.
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I do green most days, and I love it.

My favourites meals are as follows: -

Pasta mixed with very low fat cottage cheese with peppers, cucumber, onion and sweetcorn.

Slimming world chips, egg and beans.

Jacket potato with beans and onions.

Slimming world pizza and chips.

Pasta mixed with tinned tomatoes and a bit of curry powder.

Enjoy x


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I'm back doing SW from home and i tend to do mainly green days as they work best for me.

I have porridge & milk for brekkie (HEa and HEb)

For lunch i try to have a free food lunch, like:

Pasta with cucumber, peppers, tomatoes (anything - i throw in left over veg from the night before if i have any) with a light dressing or some light salad cream (a couple of syns) with a yogurt and fruit - really fills me up.

I often have the uncle ben's express rice packs (check for syns as there are a few in some!) wack the pack in the microwave and top with some chopped cherry tomatoes/cucumber or whatevr you like - another very filling and yummy lunch.

Jacket potato with baked beans is always a good one - and free on green! serve with a salad if you want.

For dinners i tend to have a HEb of meat and then serve with rice/pasta/potatoes and free veg/salad (depending on what i'm cooking) followed by a mullerlight for dessert.

My fav. evening meals on SW are:

Jacket Potato with baked beans, sweetcorn and bacon cooked until crispy, cut up and sprinkled over the top, topped with a HeA of cheese, popped under the grill until it's melted and bubbling. Served with a side salad if i am really hungry otherwise on it's own is very filling.

Chicken breast (HEb) sliced down the side to create a pocket - then a HeA of cheese tucked in, cooked in the oven, with SW Chips, served with tinned tomatoes/salad or veg..depending on my mood!

Omlette with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes (ham/bacon if i have a HeB) served with baked beans is a free yummy quick dinner.

Pasta with tinned tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms....whatever veg you have in the house! is always yummy. Passata works well for this too!

Spaghetti bolognese with HEb of lean beef mince, and i put in really chunky veg - mushrooms, peppers, onions etc to bulk it up with a tin of chopped tomatoes and 1 oxo cube. Serve with tons of pasta! Yum yum!

I need to dig out the SW receipe books and be more creative, but these meals are my fall backs when inspiration is low!

Good luck :)


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take a look at my recipe thread ( *honeys recipes) a sticky in the recipe forum, They are all green day recipes Quorn or HEB of meat for some. Pictures too for some inspiration

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