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New to Lipotrim - tried everything else!!!

My name is Sharon :wavey: I started Lipotrim this morning with a vanilla shake, didn't think it was too bad actually... but only time will tell. I have loads to lose (6.5 stone)!!! Got to the point now, where I feel as if my life is on hold and I am missing out... I am very encouraged by all the success stories, so will be made up to have some positive feedback and tips on coping. x
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Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Sharon, Welcome :D I am sure that you will do marvellously well. Just remember to drink plenty of water, keep busy and come on here regularly for tips, hints and lots of support.


I'm on day 9 today and I have about the same amount of weight to shift as well. There are some fantastic people on here that will give you some good advice when you need it. I find this site has really helped me get to today and I still feel determind.
Good luck with your 1st week just think of your end goal and when things get a little tough, thats what gets me through each day.


Otherwise known as Jools
Thanks Sharon,

If you click on my ticker it should take you to the website to create one. But I think you have to have a certain number of posts before you can add it to your signature. The goals and other info is through the User Cp at the top of the screen.

Hi Sharon! welcome to a wonderful diet and a great supportive forum.

I know what you mean about feeling your life is on hold... but it really is totally possible to lose all the weight you want to lose. Plenty of people here have done it :)

wishing you all the best and looking forward to chatting more about your progress.

Top tip #1 is to make sure you get your water intake 2-4 litres per day (2litres minimum) - little and often if you struggle with it. And you can have fizzy/sparkling/carbonated/soda water too - great for social life continuation as it does feel that bit more special.
Hi! Welcome hun, you'll find all the support and advice you need on here.

6.5 stone may seem a lot to you now but it will be off before you know if you can stick with LT. i'm nearly at that point now and have only just passed halfway so it's sooo doable. Elle-Emm here has lost more than that already!

good luck hun, look forward to speaking with you more! xxx
Hey, I'm on exante - which is pretty much the same as lipotrim. On day 5 now, and starting to get readjusted to it all! The first few days will be tough, and you may need an early night tonight but just drink lots of water and you will get through it all! Good luck with it
Hi Sharon and welcome to the forum. LT is a life saver, a miracle worker. I know exactly where you're coming from when you say your life is on hold! I felt the same way before I started 7 weeks ago. Now my life is going at 100 MPH all because of LT (God I sound like one of those infomercials!)

The first few days may be tough. Your body will be withdrawing from sugars and carbs, and adjusting to LT. You'll maybe feel tired, drained, hungry and headachey. You may feel really grumpy and ready to attack everyone! I think this has to do with subconsciously feeling deprived while everyone else indulges in food. Once ketosis kicks in all those negative feelings will magically disappear. You'll feel like a new woman (albeit a new woman with a furry tongue and freezing body)

Drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day. Keep busy. Indulge yourself with lovely bubble baths, moisturise, pedicures, manicures. Treat yourself to things other than food. Remember than food is a fuel and not a comfort. You'll get everything your body needs from your LT shake.

Most importantly - Keep coming on here. The people in here are amazing and know exactly what you're going through. The support is out of this world.

Good luck and I'm looking forward to your first weigh in.

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