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New to Lipotrim

Hi everybody!! :wavey:
Well, my name is Rian and i am going to be starting Lipotrim asap. Been reading everybodys weight losses and WOW!! It is so inspiring and im so excited to start!!

Well, here is my story.... I am getting married in less than 6 months. I weigh approx 12st 8lb and i have been a Weight Watchers for the past 8 months and lost 2lb....yes 2lb!
I can openly admit that its mostly my fault(obviously!) for not sticking to it 100%. But now i am really really serious about getting this weight off and fast. I want it to be hard and i want to work for it....WW is too lenient for me and to be told i can eat cake and crisp on my diet makes me eat cake and crisp!! I need to be controlled and this seems like the perfect diet for me.
I am spending 90% of my day thinking about my weight, thinking what i can have for my next meal and when im having that, thinking about what i can have for my tea!! Its getting out of control so i need to put something in control of me so this seems perfect!
So, here goes. I am going to go to the Pharmacy tomorrow and sign up for Lipotrim and hopefully get this weight off me once and for all!! The main thing i want to do though is retrain my way of thinking to food.
Any tips for my 1st week would be greatfully recieved! Thanks xx
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Hi Rhian - welcome to the forum, if you are serious about this diet, you will succeed - you sound as though you are in the right frame of mind.

Pop on and read the forum everyday if you can...it can help keep you focussed if you have a bad day.

Good luck with your journey:D
hi, you'll be fine just think thin and drink drink drink,water that is,lol. the first few days can be hard but it gets easier so stick with it GOOD LUCK!!!!!:welcome:


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Woohooo excellent attitude hun!! Hello ad welcome:D. You sound like me when i started LT, i needed something strict as just cutting down wasnt enough! If you keep the same attitude you will do great! The first week is the hardest but if you stik at it it gets loads better and you will lose the weight! I finished the shakes about 4 weeks ago i think now and i have totally changed my eating habits and it feels great to be healthy!
Good luck hun and keep us all posted xxx


Dizzy blonde
Hi Rhian, welcome and congrats on your wedding. The only time I really lost weight was just before my wedding, it's one time when panic sets in and you have got a deadline, and real incentive! The photos:eek:

I'm sure you will do brilliantly. Good luck. :)
Thanks so much!

Just have 1 question...how many weeks approx will i need to do it for? I am 12st 8lb approx and want to get to 10st. The problem i have is that i am going on my hen night to Barcelona on 27th June (10 weeks on Friday) Is this going to be a problem do you think?? Please say no!!


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You def cannot drink while on LT..definitely! I lost 3 and half stone in 10 weeks so just see how you get on xxx


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Hey where in manchester are you from hun? xx
So would you say i am better off starting it and think about that when the time comes?
I didn't realise how long the plan is...im sure it different for everybody and it doesn't bother me in the slightest but because i already have this booked and paid for its a bit of an obsitical....:sigh:
Im from Irlam next to Eccles. You know it? Where in Manchester are you? x
Its not impossible for you to lose your weight in that time, if not you can go on to the refeed plan for a couple of weeks before the hen night and then restart after! You have to refeed first though hun as alcohol can be dangerous when in ketosis xxx
Yeh hun, im from wythenshawe but in Bury now! x
Small world!! Cant believe how much weight you have lost!! Amazing!! How do you feel? Brilliant i bet xx
Hey Tracey didnt realise you were in Bury!!
Rhian i feel fab..and sooo healthy lol xxx
Hahaha im in Walmersley just near motorway junction! Very small world hey? xx
How old are you? I went to Irlam High!! Left 10 years ago this year! Oh my i feel soooo old and im only 26!!
God i left 10 years ago too:eek: xx

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