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  1. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    Hiya all..
    Have been a little quiet lately, mainly to the fact that I was ment to start Lighterlife but was turned down..
    Anyway, I started Lipotrim on Friday, I have been having the shakes hot with sweetner as I hate them cold! :(
    Today is my 4th day & has been the hardest.. Just want to eat. Really trying to keep myself busy but it aint working.. :( I've been so good since I started & havn't messed up once but feel like I can't take it anymore as I really am hungry.. :( I'm already noticing a difference :) Feeling good but that aint helping either, huff.
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  3. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Why were you turned down for LL? if you dont mind me asking!

    Honey, stick it out a few more hours/a day or so and you will be in ketosis and that hunger feeling will be no more! :)

    Very well done for sticking to it so far - the first week is always the hardest but drink plenty of water and this should help with the hunger too :)

    oh, p.s welcome :)
  4. bigmuthabluffa

    bigmuthabluffa Full Member

    NOOOO don't do it hun, don't eat, I am in my 2nd week and I remember that day 4, it is awful but remember you are basically in withdrawal, and extreme hunger means that the ketones are on the way, because your body has to adapt now. Keep yourself busy go for a walk , internet shop for incentives, stay with it and have a bath and an early night.

  5. Aoife

    Aoife Silver Member

    Hiya, I'm on week two and remember the hunger pains, have a bath go to bed early. But whatever you do don't eat, it will be worth it. Think of all the reason why you want to do this.
  6. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    Thanks for the welcome hun.
    I was turned down for Lighterlife because I'm on anti-depressance & my mental health problems in the past, but then applied for Lipotrim & was surprised when they let me.
    I have been drinking water everytime I go to the fridge to get food, it's killing me, lol.
  7. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    Thanks hun.. :) Am trying, luckily my mum has just come over so I can't go eating infront of her as she is paying for the diet, lol. ;)
  8. leanbean

    leanbean Full Member

    Good old mum - made me laugh out loud. She obviously loves you very much. My friend is on LL and is going to swap to LT as its cheaper and also she said she doesnt want all the meeting stuff - she said she is not doing it to make friends she just wants to loose the weight. This site has all the support you need.


    Best of luck darlin', the horrible hunger pangs WILL go away, I promise you, hand on heart and then it all gets incredibly EASY!!!! Even when all around you are chowing CAN just sit with your water/black coffee/green tea, and feel perfectly happy!!!!
  10. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    Yay.. Thank you so much everyone. Have just experimented & made the 'fudge', although it didn't taste like fudge it was yummy & a good size portion.. Also found it filled me up so much as it was a little thicker than the shakes so made me feel like I was actually eating food.. YUM! :) Feeling alot happer now.
  11. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

  12. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    Yeah, saw it on another forum post, mix the chocolate powder with a quater cup of water, blend so it's thickish, add sweetners then put in the microwave for 2 minuites.. :)
  13. happydaystocome

    happydaystocome Full Member

    hi all
    this is my 2nd day on l/t , not feeling very hungry but i am so cold all the time, had 3 hot baths yesterday lol.
    think this might be down to drinking all of this water, didnt sleep very well either. does excersise interfere with the diet ?
    good luck to you all

    sorry posted this on wrong page
  14. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    honey you cant put the shakes in the microwave - it zaps all the good stuff in them and theyre then worthless.
  15. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    My pharmasist(Can't spell, lol) said I can do it, but only once a day with 1 of the meals.
  16. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    I've been feeling very cold aswell, am wrapped in a thick dressing gown right now with the heaters on and my fella is sat next to me sweating.. LOL.
  17. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Didn't think we're allowed to microwave any of the shakes. Maybe check with LT just to make sure cos some of the pharmacists haven't got a clue!
  18. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    Hmmmm, thats worrying. Will do, thanks :eek:
  19. Teez

    Teez Member

    Sorry guys, am I missing something here? Hot chocolate? -isn't that just hot water, do you need to nuke it? BTW I've even done hot vanilla and hot strawberry - forgot it wasn't choc and poured hot water on it, doh :tomato: Wasn't that bad and was a little more variety!!!
    On another note, just keep doing the diet. W1 and W2 are hard but after that it's like autopilot - any everyone's results as well as yours prove that this diet works. Keep smiling.
  20. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Hi Steph ... the worst is over, the time'll start to fly by after your 1st weigh-in! Best of luck x

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