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New to Orlastat... any advice

have been subscribed these before but never took them due to lazyness. now 6 months on, another 1 and a half stone heavier and a BMI of 40.7 ive been subscribed again and am determined to do it this time.

Its got to the point were my body isnt coping with how quick I have put weight on ( 8 stone in 3 years).

Im 23 and just under 21 stone, im 6ft so I carry it quite well from the outside but inside im full of aches and pains it feels literally like my bones cant hold me lol!

Any advice anybody, the dr has pretty much just prescribed me these and sent me on my way, I dont know pretty much anything about what I need to be doing except not taking in more than 30g of fat a day.

Im going to start taking them in the morning, so I have not eaten anything since my tea.

Thank for reading, any advice really appreciated x
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A good place to start is with the basics, and there is a sticky at the top of this forum, http://www.minimins.com/xenical/98543-xenical-info-new-starters.html
Basically while on the tabs, food that you eat should ideally be less than 5% fat, that is when you look at the label, the TOTAL fat content should be no more than 5g of fat per 100g of food product. Also your meals should be no more than 15g of fat per meal. Side effects will only happen if you go over these, and side effects can take up to 72 hours to appear, and the side effects can be pretty unpleasant ( I've never had one mind lol)
A good tool that will help you with the fat control is a food diary, either here or a simple notebook where you jot everything down. I do both :rolleyes: When I started the tabs inn 2008, I kept a record of what I ate and how many grammes of fat were in what I ate, now I just count calories as I'm quite near my target and portion control is more important for me now ( almost all food I eat is 5% fat or less anyway with some things a little over)
Good luck and keep posting here
thanks for the reply hun, im really worried about the side effects lol. What is enough exercise. Im joining the gym after christmas but I have a wii is that classed as enough exercise, thanks :)
Basically anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat is exercise in my book :D I don't have time for the gym just now, but I do use my Wii ( I have The Biggest Loser and Wii Fit). With regards to side effects, when you first take the tabs, you're terrified that everything and anything will give you a side effect lol As long as you stay within the rules you'll be fine. Label reading is the name of the game ;)
hiya Jenny. what surprised me is when i went to do my 1st shop being on xen was how much fat is in foodsi would of normally ate..like ali says the key is to look at the fat & keep a diary. I keep mine in the kitchen with my pills for the day..also ive found im never hungry which makes me want to stick to it..its pretty easy to stick to.!
good luck Jenny.
so today on my first day ive had,

3 rich tea biscuits
100g of chicken with seasoning powder on from the local indian supermarket & lettuce
an apple
cottage pie & peas
another apple

Is this ok? im absolutley starving now, the night time is usually when I sit and munch :( x
i dont know as the chicken was from a butcher so didnt have a label. i dont feel hungry, i feel bored and like i want to eat as im bored, I think thats always been my problem. Im looking forward to my weetabix tomorrow, is canderelle sugar ok? thanks again :)
Tea biscuits are not within the rules hun, even the lighter ones. Did you have no fruit or veggies either? I also agree with autumn, in that you've not eaten enough, have a look through some of our diaries and see what we all have, I'm just about to post mine now :)
i have been on Xenical for 4 weeks now. I echo what the others said about.

Also try to drink at least 4 pints of water. It helps to flush that fat away as well as filling you up and being really healthy.

Also if you like to have a munch when bored or for me my danger times is the evenings i made of lists of things i needed to get done round the house and for the first week or 2 whenever i had the urge to snack i would do one of the jobs or activites off my list.

If you do have a sweet tooth iced gems are a great sweet treat and wihtin the rules. Asda do some lovely fresh fruit salad for £1 each and they are yummy too.

Also my fitness pal is a great way of keeping track of what you are eating and also has a great directory of foods and their values if you ever need to find out the food value of a food.

Good luck
i think thats good advice vicky.. im fine in the evenings when my husband is home. but he works 4 nights a week.Once all our girls are in bed i sometimes feel like eating.either i come on here or go to bed early & read. but you really need to look at the fat in everything that passes your lips.
I've been given xeNical by my doctors and was told only to take them where there is fat in the meal. I'm also on the slimming world plan where I have an extremely low fat diet - i've taken the tablets now and again with no side effects. My question is - do they work without having side effects or is it the side effects that make them work. By the way my weight loss is extremely slow

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