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New to propoints - not a convert yet :-)


I never thought it would be possible that I ever go back to WW. But I did (probably because the classes are just next door and the Slimming World classes are miles away...haha)..No, really I just needed some motivation to start losing weight again and thought I could try the new pro points plan. I am usually a convinced Slimming World fan..however, due to some lifestyle changes (which means I am more or less sedentary now) I can't really lose weight on SW now... On the other hand (when I was fitter) I was always hungry on WW. But I thought I could give the new plan a go. I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scales last night..I really wanted to die!!
I developed a severe depression and I know that I have to make changes but when you are already in a cycle of not wanting to do anything it is really hard to even do a little bit of exercise. When I go out I walk a lot to places rather than taking the bus but that doesn't really help, I need to do proper exercise.

Anyway, I have had a first look at the plan and today is my first day. I have not had the opportunity to go shopping yet so my breakfast choice this morning was a bit limited..
1 wholemeal toast (3)
1 poached egg (2)
1 cup of ss milk (4)
3 slices thin ham (1)
1 Orange (0)

So that's 10 already and I wil be hungry again soon. for sure...Will have to figure out the most satisfying breakfast as I go along..

I was a bit surprised that despite the fact that the new plan emphasizes protein and fibre so much, they only have pictures of white bread in their literature (doesn't contain a lot of fibre really)...But I like the fact that calories are not really being taken into consideration on this plan but rather the carb, protein, fat, fibre ratio.

Also, from my SW days I liked buying scan bran (you get that in Holland & Barratt) and you can make really nice cakes with them (using egg white!!) and they are only 0.75 propoints piece (well 6 points per 100g)..Maybe I'll make a WW friendly scan bran cake - it's unbelievably filling!!

Hope to get some support here and recipe ideas :)

Have a great day!
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S: 10st8lb C: 9st5lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st3lb(11.49%)
firstly you've made a great choice with the new pro points plan,i find it easy to follow and a great way to encourage healthy eating plus you're allowed 49 extra weekly points just incase you need a treat.
secondly walking is probably the easiest exercise you can do because you can do it anywhere and anytime and fit it into your daily life, so thats great
what is scan bran i've never heard of this , is it a type of flour instead of wheat ?
fruit is a good option for snacking inbetween meals because it's 0pp and ww yoghurts are 1pp so you can still have your 3 meals and snacks inbetween and still lose weight, everyone comments on how much they can eat and they still lose weight.
good luck and i hope you do really well
Oh yes I know walking is great but I just don't lose any weight with it :)
ScanBran is a bit like cracker bread but consists mainly of fibre - you wouldn't want to eat it on its own though - it's vile..haha..but you can make great cakes with it by just braking it down with a bit of water and then just add stuff like caocao, sweetener, egg white (on SW you can use the whole egg for free but if you want to save points you can just use the egg white in this case...) ..just google scan bran cakes and you will find some recipes.

I heard that some people don;t lose weight by using up all their weekly points..is that true? I can have 32 points daily and 49 weekly so I am a bit worried...


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S: 10st8lb C: 9st5lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st3lb(11.49%)
i have the weekend off my diet and i dont track it either but i'm pretty sure i go well over my points and use all my weeklys and i lose 1lb a week , although last week i had a bad week , i know that if i stuck to my points 7 days a week i wouldn't do as well because i like my food and treats so i use the weekend as a reward and i don't have a massive amount to lose so i'm happy with 1 lb a week. i think it's a case of trial and error if you find that by eating all your weeklys you're not losing much then the next week you could reduce it by a few points until you find the right amount you're comfortable with, plus it gives your body chance to adjust to the diet,
i hope this helps, good luck
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Hey, you have the same points as me :) (well I now only have 31) and as an x slimming worlder too I was worried....BUT I can honestly say I haven't been hungry yet. I usually have a yoghurt 1pp and yummy and that and sometimes a banana 0pp keeps me going till lunch. Then 10pp for lunch...and loadsa' points for tea :) ....i'm only on week 4 and still greedy LOL.

I would say, make more things yourself ww meals are nice but you don't get a lot...use fruit if you need, ww sweets 2 pp have got me out of a lot of scrapes, and drinking more helps. I'm not a big exercise fan but having the pedometer strapped to me is making me blush with how little I do...so have made more effort to get going. Good luck :)
I think I have to be really good because I haven't been able to lose a lot of weight lately down to me not doing a lot of exercise...But I'll get there...I find the new system also a bit confusing with rounding up and down...

I have just checked the points for warburtons crumpets on my wheel and it says 3 points for 1 but somewhere I read it's 2 points?? So how much can I believe the wheel??

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