New to Slimming world - Advice welcome!


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Hi Everyone, I am new to Slimming world and started the Extra Easy plan 3 days ago, feel good already! I have got a couple of questions though which may sound stupid - if a recipe serves 4 people and is totally syn free and I eat 2 portions will my syn value go up? Or does free food remain totally free regardless of portion size etc? hope this makes sense!feel like I am eating more than before but maybe more of the right foods!

Any tips for my first week is welcome.

Thanks :)
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If it says free, it's free, even if you eat it all. That's the beauty of SW! If a recipe for 4 is synned at, say 2 syns per person, then the whole thing is 8 syns.

The secret, though, is to eat until you're satisfied, not stuff yourself!