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  1. babycl

    babycl Member

    Hi all. I just wanted to introduce myself really. My names Rachel, im 28 and a mum to 3 children (Finley has just turned 5 and Darcey and Dexter (twins) who just turned 2) Im on day 6 of my first experience of slimming world, well any diet actually, ive never done one before. I don't go to a group yet, im trying it out on my own first with lots of help from my mother in law who has been attending slimming world groups for just over 2 years. She explained it all to me, and with the help of google, ive managed to get syn values and recipes to try out. So far ive made the butternut squash soup and the pasta with crab. Both were delicious. My husband is a great help too. He has lost 8 stone in 2 years from starting the gym and eating properly (although not following a 'named' diet). Well anyway my weigh in day will be Monday morning, ive been dying to do it since Wednesday lol but have managed to keep myself off the scales. Im sure ill be using this site for lots of helpful hints and tips and to hopefully get to know some of you too. Happy slimming :D:D
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  3. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    Hi Rachel, firstly i would like to congratulate you on such a fantastic loss! Well done :) I started SW almost 3 weeks ago and love it. Which plan do you follow? I am a mum to 1 - so not much of a handful as 1+twins eek lol. Anyway Happy Slimming to you too
  4. babycl

    babycl Member

    My husband lost the 8 stone hun, not me lol. Yes having 3 is a handful at times but well worth it. Ive been doing the extra easy plan. I don't really eat a lot of meat anyway (so its pretty much green days). Ive been having

    Breakfast - either 2 weatabix with skimmed milk out my allowance (healthy extra a and b) and sometimes with a chopped banana. Or fruit with a muller light yougrt

    Lunch - Jacket potato with beans and small amount of cheese (syned), tuna rice salad, poached eggs with mushrooms and grilled bacon (fat cut off), butternut squash soup

    Tea - Jacket potato with beans, vegi spag boll, crab pasta (sw recipe), chilli con carne, kebab meat and salad (had a bad day but was only 8 syns). Tonight its sw chicken curry
  5. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Hi babycl, I'm new also :) good luck with it all and kudos to your husband too :)

    P.S: your meals sound ace! I like the sound of a sw chicken curry haha :)
  6. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    Oh haha my bad i was feeding my Little one so he could go to sleep eek.. sounds lovely haha

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