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New to SW

S: 18st0lb C: 17st9lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 0st5lb(1.98%)
Hi guys!
Im starting SW this week.

Im very new and scared, and hoping it works for me!

Can anyone share any tips for newbies like me? How did you start? What works best for you?

Also exercise tips! how much do you do!??! Whats healthy! :)

Thankyou people
<3 K
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Hi Rustic, and welcome :D

Have a read of this thread for an understanding of the basics of SW


I started off on EE and then switched over to Green days after about 6 months, mainly because I find them more filling and for the additional Healthy Extras. Good luck for your weight loss journey :)


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Hi rusticblonde

Welcome to SW! There's loads of info on this site so you won't go wrong if you check in here regularly.

I started on the Green Plan but only because I am a vegetarian. My buddy that I go with has done EE and thinks it's brilliant.

In my first week I felt like I had eaten soooo much food and there was no way I could of lost weight but I did! My body took a bit of time to settle into SW and I only lost a small amount my second week but from then on I was losing regularly every week between 1-4 lbs.

Planning, planning, planning. This needs to be your SW mantra! The first thing I did when I started was have a really good read through my books then I made sheets to stick on my fridge. One with all the superfree foods, one with all the free foods, one with the HEAs and one with the HEBs this means I have all the info to hand without having to route through the book.

Having a good store cupboard of herbs and spices is a must. Any simple meal can be made extra tasty with a bit of spice. One of my favourite super quick SW meals is 3 can chilli/curry. You take a tin of beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of mushy peas. Mix them all together and heat them through. Then add your spice of choice, curry powder if you fancy something spicy or chilli powder if you want something firey! It sounds a bit gross but trust me it's brilliant. I usually cook off some quorn sausages and cut them up into it as well to give it some bulk.

Good luck with the plan and any questions just ask!


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Well done on joining!! There's a fab thread up a few posts from this for newcomers, even as an old hat I found it useful!
Don't be scared of eating... Its good for you! The trick with sw is don't get hunrgy! Eating as often as you need to from the free foods and adding 1/3 superfree (fruit and veg) to each meal and really keeping an eye on your syns as they can creep up very quickly!

As for exercise, anything that gets you moving is good for you so its up to you to set the pace. The advantage of doing everything at once is that you have nothing to compare against, just enjoy getting slimmer and leaner.
I'm guessing from your profile pics, you have a wedding coming up? Is that the motivation for the life change? That is definitely good motivation. Just don't do what I did and pile it back on after my cp! :eek:
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I think the main thing is to see decide which plan suits you best, for me its extra easy! Then the key is to plan, plan and plan!! This regime works so well for people who have healthy appetites as it allows you unlimited "superfree/free" foods! Try to plan, even roughly, what you will be eating daily. That way you can do a shop based on this plan, making it easier to follow!! Heres a few of my staple meals i eat quite a lot of:

Ainsley Harriott Mexican Rice with Grilled Diced Chicken Breast, Grilled Mushrooms/Peppers/Cherry Tomatoes-all mixed together and delicious!

Baked Potatoes with beans and side salad

Baked Potatoes with Fat Free Fromage Frais mixed with chives and parsley and black pepper, using cheese as my HE A option!

Melt in the middle Turkey Burgers- burgers using turkey mince with Laughing Cow Ex Light triangle in the middle! Yum!!

And someone has already mentioned, stock up your spice rack, youd be amazed what the addition of cajun spices do for plain potato wedges or thai 7 spice for a plain old stirfry!!

Hope that helps!
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Welcome to the forum.

I can only reiterate what the others have said, don't be afraid to eat. You're not on a diet but a healthy eating plan.

If you're hungry eat there are lots of free foods to chose from. Don't forget to have your syns, not having them won't mean you will lose more weight.

Last of all if you have any questions just ask;)