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New to the forum and fairly new to lipotrim!

Hi everyone! I have found this forum so helpful so decided to join and ask a few more questions. I have been on lipo trim for 2 weeks! my first week i lost 10lb so was really chuffed, although i went back to the chemist to get weighed today and have only lost 3lb this week so was a little disapointed after such a big loss and then not such a big loss but it is my TOTM and i felt really ill yesterday was really dizzy and was actually sick has anyoe else experienced this? I mentioned it to the pharmacist today and he told me that i should have to shakes for breakfast and lunch today and then for tea have a tiny bowl of either chicken or tuna with a litte lettuce and cucumber he said my body will have become confussed and it needs a little bit more than what it gets from the shakes, but having not done aswell as i did on my first week this week i am really worried that having the tuna salad will affect my weight loss even more! Has anyone else done this or know if this will happen! I really hope not!:sigh:
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congratz on your weight loss so far :D
you'll find some weeks you will lose more than others, some weeks you loose inches rather than lbs and some weeks you stay the same, never take it as a blow as at least you havent put weight on!
plus totm is always cack for weight loss lol
by suggesting tuna/chicken, your pharmacist is trying to help you stay in ketosis with non/low carb foods this way all your hard work hasnt gone to waste, you should still lose the weight and maybe when your feeling better you can get back into just having the shakes :hug:
Thankyou for your help! He told me to have the tuna or chicken for tonight only and tomorrow i will continue with my 3 shakes as normal, he checked my blood pressure aswell and it was a little too low so i am returning to the chemist on monday to have it checked again to see if it has returned to normal, i might be cheeky and ask them to weigh me again to see the damage! :)


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i dont think there;ll be any damage done but good luck and let us know how u get on x
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I agree,TOFM is not a good week for a weightloss. Ive seen me only loose 1lb sometimes at that time, which can be so disheartening, but hang in there Dominque, cause in my experience its usually followed by a good loss the following week :)


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My average weight loss last time was 3 - 4 lbs a week

3lbs loss in a week is a good loss Hun

Yes week 1 everyone loses a lot more than usual due to the water that you lose that is held in the body from carbs... (glycogen think it's spelt lol)

Keep up the good work... You will be a mini in no time xx

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