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New to the forum!!


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Hi All,
New to this so do excuse if this reads a bit rubbish!!
Started CD 4 Weeks ago and have lost a stone in weight. So thrilled that I have managed to do this.
I started my weight loss journey last May (2010) on slimming world. After a looooong year of counting syns gaining a pound losing a pound etc i finally lost a stone. It's a great diet but man it can take a while to come off!!
So anyway I wanted to continue but the thought of carrying on as slowly as that killed me so i started on cambridge.
As i said exactly 14 pounds in 4 weeks and I am absolutely thrilled.
Everyone at work is aware that i'm doing it as i go in with my whisk and jug everyday but they are all so supportive im glad i didnt keep it a secret. They also can't believe the change in my appearance. I have lost so much weight off my face its unbelievable!!

So this week is week 5. I'm going to press forward to weigh in on friday with no cheats or treats just 100% ss as this is where the results lie. I want to lose another stone and a half if i'm honest but we shall just see how it goes.

If anyone has any questions or needs any help/support please don't hesitate to contact me...
x :)
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wow. Youre doing great!

Im not new to the forum, but Im new to Cambridge (seeing my CDC tomorrow for the first time). Your losses are really inspiring!


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well done chick, u r doing fab! welcome to the forum... i dunno where i would be without it :) x


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Wow it'll be your first day on CD?? You will do great I'm sure. I'm a TOTAL foodie and if I can do it i'm absolutely certain anyone can.
If you're anything like me you will be tired for the first couple of days but just go with the flow and drink loads of water. Best of luck!! Let me know how you get on ! x

Thanks for the welcome goolian!! I have been reading it as i've been on CD but only just got round to activating my account. It's great to be able to speak to others that understand!! You have done so so well... How much longer are you looking to do it for? x


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til i get to 12st7lbs hunny so still got quite a way to go :) 83lbs to go

i have done cd once before and didn't work my way back up the plans, i wanted to lose weight for a wedding i was going to, got to 15st5lbs but after the wedding i just didn't bother

this time i haven't set a major goal in mind as i am scared i will do the same again... just going to go with the flow :)


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Yeah just see how you feel as you go along. I think that's the best way. You sound like you really want it so i'm sure it will happen. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on x
Hello I'm also new here, nice to meet you. Well done on your weight loss so far!! I'm only on day 2 but I've done this before a few yrs ago and now I want to loose my last 1.5 stone. Best of luck :)


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Hello fellow newbie!!

Your last one and a half stone fabulous!! That is exactly what I have left to lose... It is amazing what just a few weeks can do on this diet so I'm sure you will be there in 4-6 weeks. How did you find maintaining it last time you had done cd?? x

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