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New To The Pregnancy Board!


Losing the baby weight!!
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Hey everyone

I've been on minimins for a while now - but mostly in the Cambridge diet forum. I stopped Cambridge about 4 weeks ago when I went on holiday, and didn't bother going back to it.

I'm glad I didn't, because after 2 years TTC, I found out that I am pregnant! I am so shocked, but so so excited! We were due to start IUI fertility treatment in June, so really wasn't expecting this to happen now. I was taking Clomid though, so I'm thinking that helped!

Anyway, I've put back on the stone I lost with Cambridge, taking me back up to 14.5 stone. I don't want to have any unneccesary complications whilst pregnant, so I think I am going to try and follow Slimming World, as it is safe during pregnancy. Anyone else doing this?

Also, I'm worried that midwife's/doctors are going to give me hassle about my weight - I really hope not though....

Pregnancy question - I'm only about 4 weeks pregnant, and am experiencing period-like cramps. Everyone keeps telling me this is normal, and I haven't had any spotting or blood etc. I'm trying not to worry, but I am terrified of losing this baby.. Any advice/reassurance would be greatly received!!
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Hi, welcome to our little corner :) Period style cramps really are very common at your stage, and nothing to worry about. If the pain gets stronger, or you do start spotting, then see your GP and they can arrange an appointment at your local Early Pregnancy Unit.

Good luck with it all :)


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welcome to the board autumnsky and congratulations.

I got stomach cramps and some break through bleeding about the time I would have been due on, 4 weeks ago. It turned out to be absolutely fine. But like shelbel says, if you do get spotting tell your gp or Midwife & they'll book you in for an early scan to see if everything is okay.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
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Hi and Welcome (another cambridge dieter.. must be something they don't advertise going on here..) lol
How wonderful that you've fallen naturally. :)

I also had cramping and some sharp pains in my left hand side - ended up with a scan to check it wasn't ectopic. All has been fine (as far as i know - we're heading for a scan in the next couple of weeks).

I'm sure your Dr's won't give you a lecture about your weight, I was 14 stone when I fell iwth my eldest and they never said a work, only the anaethetist who checked me over for an epidural did. I'm choosing to opt out of an epidural this time (as it didnt' work on me).

Anyway.. hope you have a smooth pregnancy and all goes well for you!


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Congratulations!!! When i had my daughter i was 14st 7 when i had my booking in with the midwife. She said ur overweight and that was it, it was never mentioned again. And unlike my 1st pregnancy too i was never weighed again by the midwife.


taking one day at a time
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hi nice to meet you and congratulations
I had cramping pains and get them now and then and its prob just implantation and things stretching and getting intoplace nothing to worry about unless you have any bleeding or cramping and even that can be ok unlee you have heavy bleeding so not to worry
I started sw today was doing it before but stopped as I could not face the food and was eatign crisps etc but now sickness is better feel I can do it good luck x

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