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New to this would love info on lipotrim

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Hi hon, im afraid your in the wrong sub-section of the forum. This is the slimmingworld section, but there is a lipotrim section so just re-post in there.. or maybe one of the admin will move it for you.

However, in my opinion.. slimmingworld is the best ;)


Back on the diet train...
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hey hun,

this diet is great but its tough. usually the 1st week is the worst. things like feelin cold, hungry an generally rubbish but this shud pass by day 4 or wen ur body hits ketosis.

but aslong as u stick wiv it, drink the water it will b ok. once u go 4 ur 1st weigh in an see the loss its a great feelin an spurs u on 4 the next wk.

ive lost 19lb in 3wks. :). if u do decide 2 try it hun, set urself sum mini goals an av sum distractions ready.

good luck :)




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Hey hun - this diet is really worth it! I've lost 25lbs in 2 weeks! I have had no side effects and only felt a bit ratty a couple of times. Online there are many scare stories to put you off but everyone on here that I've chatted to has got nothing but good things to say.

The shakes take a bit of getting used to but after 3 a day for a few days you'll be right as rain and find your own way of making them tasty. Water intake is really really important - 3-4 litres a day to stop you getting headaches or feeling fuzzy.

Go to your pharmacist - they will give you a DVD to watch and more information about it so you are fully aware of what an undertaking a total food replacement diet is. And good luck with it if you do decide to join us! We're all here for moral support xx


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hi lipotrim is a fab diet but you must be in the right frame of mind for it as you can not eat anything even a slip of milk in tea coffe could make you have no weight loss and also as this is my 2nd time on lt last time i came off it and didnt change my habits and put it all back on and a little extra aswell so you really neede to lok into where when and why u eat i kept a diary at the start this time round and i have found exactly where and why i eat to much and altoughtive kinda come off it im proud to say for the first time ever i didnt turn to chocolate or binge eating and i getting stuck back into today its a fab diet the last time i lost 4 stone in just 10 weeks
you must hire the dvd or they wont give u lipotrim in the chemist you will have to watch it and drop it back them they will give you the shakes after 3 4 days as the girls have said you will feel great i just gave myself plenty to do for the first few days and i felf fine after that you will have so much energy your skin will clear up hair will shine everything and you will be lossing a lot of weight aswell you will not feel hungry after the first few days if you drink a lot of tea coffee you might suffer from some headaches but take a couple of panadol there are some tablet u can and cant take so ask your chemist and they will tell you 100% which ones


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Hi Louise you can also watch the video online at the LT website - Good Luck it's well worth it :)
Hope you don't mind me suggesting something.

A lot of people have terrible physical symptoms due to getting rid of carbs in their body before they hit ketosis.

Being in ketosis makes you stop being hungry.

In order to avoid those symptoms gradually cut down on carbodhydrates over a few days before starting Lipotrim.

Carbohydrates can also be found in fruit as well as bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. If you do that when you start your first day of Lipotrim you will be less hungry and also your body will be either near or in ketosis.

Your body will need some carbs though so get those from high fibre vegetables, steamed or microwaved to keep in the goodness.

Don't start Lipotrim whilst constipated - make sure your bowels are cleared, hopefully by the veg mentioned above, or natural methods.

Also if you are the type of person who drinks a lot of caffeine drinks and you won't be able to add milk to your coffee on Lipotrim, and you feel you must have milk in coffee, try cutting down gradually on coffee so by the time you start Lipotrim you are weaned off it.

All the above will mean that your first couple of days getting used to Lipotrim you may or will not suffer headaches and physical hunger.

Try to not have trigger foods around in your kitchen, or your head will be saying, "why are you putting me through this, give calorie counting or slimming world one more try"!!!

If other members of your household usually eat foods such as crisps, biscuits, chocolates etc., don't buy bulk or multipacks of these - buy them daily for those people and challenge them to hide them where you will not find them.

Good luck and I envy you because the easiest attempt at Lipotrim is always the first attempt. It is so hard to restart!

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