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New to weight loss

hi i was hoping u guys would have some tips for me.

basically im 18 and i am a male.

uptil about 3-4 years ago, i ate what wanted and when i wanted, junk food and lots of cola and stuff. but i had a very active lifestyle that time, i played various sports and done exercise everynight.

but i never put on one bit of fat, and i was in very good shape, even though i had junk food many times a week.

but since then, i have carried on eating like that and drinking coke (lots of coke). and i have stopped every single physical activity. And its taken 4 years for me to get fat. well its not proper obese fat, but ive got a bit of a belly now and i dont like it.

so now i need to get back into shape because my cloths dont fit nicely on me and my stomach looks awful. before it was so flat and hard and now its all soft, i really dont like it.

now im eating 1 meal a day, at about 7 o clock pm. no brekfast or lunch. And i will start to go jogging soon also.

is this the right approach? because i am so bored of being fat. my wiehgt is about 12.2 stones, and my height is i think 5 foot 6-7.

to be honest wieght isnt my problem, because i had a bigger wiehgt than my friends even wen i was 11-12 years old, because i used to do alot of weight lifting. so i dont mind having a big weight, i jus need to get rid of this fat. soo pleease help.

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my advice would be, eating one meal a day wont do anything to help you and it isnt good for your general well being.

The way forward would be eat three well balanced meals a day, cereal for breakfast switch to skimmed milk

maybe a salad or sandwich for lunch using wholemeal bread and no butter or marg

and for dinner make it protein based maybe chicken or fish with lots of veg and a small potato.

drink lots of water and if you still want to have your fizzy drinks change to diet instead of full fat.

eating at 7pm is not a good time try to aim for 5/6pm when u are still active.

cut out sugary snacks and crisps etc

i know its easier said than done but i think that would be a healthier way for you to lose weight than starving yourself all day and only eating later in the evening.

Hope this has been of some help to you

L :D


Personal Trainer
firstly you NEED breakfast, your body cant cope going without food for prolonged periods of time like you are doing, all this will do is slow your metabolism as your body goes into starvation mode :copon:

you need 3 healthy balanced meals a day with 2 healthy snacks....thats the minimum you need, specially if your going to run also. If you want to look into it that much then work out your BMR and work your calorie intake around that.

The max you need to loose is 7-10lbs, you can do that easily by just making small changes like said above, skimmed milk, no sugar, no chocolate etc. plenty of fruit and veg

just 200 sit ups a day to start will work wonders if its your stomach that the problem area. :D
aah thanks guys, that was some useful information.

so i take it eating one meal is not the healthy option. so im thinking if i have cereal every morning, and then eat a big meal at 5pm, that will do the trick? My big meal always consists of rice and chicken/meat.

200 situps per day sounds intresting. when i do situps now, i feel my packs tightening up deep inside my stomach, but the flab is still there at large. and when i do these situps, do i come all the way up, or do i come up half way?

thanks for your help guys, alot of interesting points.
You'd still be better eating THREE healthy meals a day AND snacks like Totty said. Lots of fruit and veg, complex carbs (eg wholewheat bread or pasta) and a good source of protein.
With regard to breakfast, look at the fibre content of your cereal and also how much sugar is in it... some cereals are no better than eating sweets for breakfast!!! It's probably better to eat something like porridge or museli or something wholewheat at least.

Good luck!

cereal you say, yes i will get milk and rice krispes and eat that for brekfast.

and i guess ile have 2 more meals during the day. eating once at 7pm everyday was starting to get quiet hard lol.

i will do intense outdoor running about 3-4 times a week. and i will try to do 200 situps everyday.

wow you guys are great. i cant wait to get my packs back again.

my friend said to me that musel weighs 3x more than fat, is that true?


Personal Trainer
muscle definately weighs heavier than fat, but i have never heard it refered to as 3x heavier :confused:

you could combine your sit ups between the two...the half reps tend to do your lower abs, while a full sit up tends to do the whole stomach area. For most people its the lower abs that need the most work.
so its 3 meals a day with 2 healthy snacks.

i now have brekfast with milk and cornflakes. before my brekfast could be my dinner, or sometimes i used to have chicken and chips for breakfast lol...

the 2 healthy snacks you say, what exactly do you recomend i take for that? i brought some fruit bakes, ooh they taste realy nice. so 2 of them? and what about jacobs cream crackers?

i have been running everyday for nearly a week now, im not getting any more skinnier though.

and yes i have been doing the 200 situps. my stomach is getting better, the packs are well defined...but theres soo much fat in front of it loool.

ah you guys are great, alot of useful tips ive gotten. i need to get into a good shape by summer, really badly.


i really don't know life
a better breakfast would be something more slow-releasing like porridge or muesli and a banana. cornflakes prob wont keep yu quite as full and youre more likely to snack. snacks i like are a handful of un-salted nuts or a small bunch of grapes. i also buy those teeny tins of tuna with added sundried tomatoes or lemon and pepper. they work out as around 100 cals a tin and the protein is great for your muscles!
Yup I second what rhuba said... breakfast should be something like porridge, museli, something slow releasing, substantial and not very sugary. Snacks could be veggies, fruit, nuts, a wee bit of protein. The possibilities are endless!

You're not gonna be "skinny" in a week... it takes time... keep working at it and you'll soon notice a difference... just not that soon
ah dam i wasted that massive 750g box of cornflakes.

ok i will switch to porridge soon, ive never tried porridge so i hope it tastes good. (i think the bears were eating it in little red riding hood).

gonna do a bit of situps, pushups and weights and then go for my jog until my foot hurts (stupid foot).

yeh i know its late, but u gota make some sacrifices to get fit again ey...
ive never tried porridge so i hope it tastes good. (i think the bears were eating it in little red riding hood).
Porridge is yum. If you don't like porridge you could also try museli or at the very least go for a whole grain cereals (the ones with the green banner on top).

It was Goldilocks with the Three bears and the Porridge. Red hiding hood is with the wolf in grandma's bed. :p
loool, oh it was golilocks. wel it has been a long time since baby school for me, (obviosly).

ive never herd of this museli, but rest assured i will go get some porridge and museli from the shops next time i go town.

thank u for your support, everytime i come here i feel like im progressing.
my 2 main meals (excluding brekfast) always include chiken.

so im thinking about replacing 1 of the meals with just fruits like grapes and bananas. would this help? thanks.

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