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New to weight watchers! Nervous!

Hey :)
I'm new to this site and I am also about to start my weight loss journey, so very happy to have found this site.
I am starting weight watchers on Sat 14th! (unfortunately couldnt go there today)
I am 21 years old.
I want to lose about 5 stone in total, I would also like to lose as much I can before the 1st October 11!
I am very nervous about starting, mainly for two reasons. I nervous I wont be able to do it! I am also nervouse about going to group and being worried they will judge me.
How does everybody find pro points?
Howdoes it fit into your lifestyle or is it, a lot of planning and weighing?
If you attend group what is it like?
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Hi KClark, Welcome to the forum.

Hope you will find your meeting a good one. It was always a fine experience for me when I used to go. No need to be nervous as they are only to glad to have another customer and to help in your acheiving your goal.
My daughter is doing the PP and is getting on very well with it. Not a lot of weighing in this as far as I can remember.
I am doing a very old version of WW where I weigh 90% of my food but am so used to it that I can guess the amounts now.

I wish you all the very best in your journey .... :)


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I'm on my second week and although I'm still struggling sometimes when it comes to snacking, it doesn't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything which is great :D It doesn't need to involve a lot of planning, but I find sitting down the night before and planning out my meals for the next day is best for me.

I was nervous about going to the meetings too, my problem was that I was scared I would know people because I was a little ashamed to be there. Everyone is lovely though, leader is a little bit annoying but nothing I can't deal with. I don't think I'd be as comfortable on my own though but that's because I'm quite shy, so I dragged my mum along with me.

Stock up on lots of fruit and veg for when you start. Hope your first week goes well! :) x


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Just wanted to wish you good luck. I read somewhere that people who are not overly optimistic actually do the best on a diet because they don't think it is going to be easy. So you already have a good start. I am only on week 3 and would agree with Stephhh that the best thing is to plan and to write everything down that you eat - no cheating!! lol I found everyone at the meetings really friendly - there are lots of people just starting their journey and lots who have reached the end or are nearly there and are happy to share their experiences and tips with you. I'm finding this webite really useful too and using it to top up my motivation every day.
thanks very much for your replies :)
I am keeping my fingers crossed will all go well! Not looking forward to getting on the scales for the first time :/
With your daily points allowance do you have to use them all or not? so like if you have 29 do you have to use all 29?


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I always use up all my points. This is what it says on the weight watchers website FAQ'S:

"Is it OK to eat less than my daily ProPoints allowance?
Your daily ProPoints allowance helps you to create the energy deficit that’s needed for a healthy rate of weight loss. But it’s also carefully calculated to help ensure that you have enough room to get in the nutrients your body needs for good health, and to feel satisfied as you lose weight. So, to cover the nutrient end of things, you should have, on most days, no fewer that 29 ProPoints values in a day. And to make help yourself stay satisfied, try to just stick with your personalised daily ProPoints allowance – whether it’s 29 or higher. We’ve seen it again and again: Deprivation doesn’t work."


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