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ProPoints New to weight watchers plan

Hi, I started using my friends weight watchers books about 3 weeks ago . (Start my fourth week tomorrow). I dont like joining classes so down loaded the food calculator app on my phone and decided to see how i went on. I have already lost 11 lbs, so it's working but i do feel a little hungry now and then and get fed up with eating fruit constantly. I have been allowing my self 33pp a day plus the weekly's of 49........ Could anyone tell me if i am on the right points. I am 46 5'3 and (now) 14.3 (was 15st). Plus could anyone tell me how many activity points i am earning..... i do about 30-45 mins each day at a moderate pace and an hours ice skating each week.
I would be most grateful.
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29 dailies on the current stats Hun :) 3-4pp for 30-40 mins and iceskating if high intensity about 5 per 20mins

Well done 11lb loss! I will be following ur progress! X
Thanks Carly, have been away on hols since writing post and have gained 3lbs but started back on plan today..........Starting weight as from today 14st 5lbs. want to get down to 13st.......wish me luck !


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Hi Mummy and welcome good luck on your journey and we are all here to help so just ask .....look forward to reading more of your diary and well done on your 11lbs so far keep up the good work x
hi there,

Well done on your weight loss. I have a lot of weight to lose and at the minute don't see how its going to be possible. I have just started WW and have no idea if I am doing it right. I tend to be grazing a lot too. I just had some tesco dim sum too so I don't think that helped, although I would be fine at the end of the week as they would go into my 49 points to use?
I am hoping I lose some by next week or I will be a little disappointed in myself.
Well done to everyone and keep it up!


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Hi Mummy and Binksy

Well mummy what a great loss that is fantastic... you will soon have that 3lb off again in no time... look forward to reading your diary here... are you going to be putting your food diary up?

Binksy... are you going to be doing a food diary? We all find it helps.

I don't go to a club I do it at home ..that is why I set up a Monthly Weigh in Team and we weigh in weekly... keeps us going.. now have a support group where we started to put info and snippets so we always know where it is.. without having to trawl through lots of threads thinking it was there somewhere haha.

Will be looking out for both of you... think thin x
Hi again,

I am doing the food diary at home and adding up my 36 points. Is that what you mean? I don't have a goal of 5 or 10% at moment either, I am just going to see if I am doing this right and also see if I have lost any weight at all, and at the moment I feel like I haven't.

This is one of my days on WW. Does it look okay to anyone who has been on it a while?

porridge and skinny soy milk
2 hash browns
1 glass juice

r ryvita and skinny cottage cheese
pea, bean and mint dressing pot
1 diet coke
1 skinny cappuccino
pretzels for afternoon snack

1 piece dominos garlic pizza bread
1 slice dominos chicken pizza
1 ww chocolate pudding
1 plum

This added up to 36 points, my daily allowance (i hope)

Start weight - 113 kg

week 1 -
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It is hard for me to say as I don't eat pizza so don't know the points for them...

How much porridge did you have? as in grams

How big were your hash browns and how did you cook them?

I know diet coke 0 pp

I have capps and they seem to be 2 pps for me?

How big was the pretzel?

See what I mean.

Start a thread with your food diary and there will be loads of us that will help you every day and nip in and see how you are doing :)

Most of us find we put the weigh or size of what we eat or the PPs next to the food.

But you know how much of the food weighed etc and have calculated so I am sure it is ok :)

You are allowed 5 fruit/veg a day so make sure you fill yourself up with those :)

And why not come and join us in our Monthly Weigh In Team...

No pressure we just help one another out :D
Welcome bk :D hope hol was fab x

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