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  1. Amii

    Amii Full Member

    Hi I've tried slimming world before but struggled as I don't always have the time to make the meals from scratch so someone suggested WW as they have microwave meals and a lot of products that tell you the amount of points... Sorry if this turns out pretty long :/ The last time I tried WW was years ago so I'm confused by the whole pro points, dailys, weeklies, activity points???? I haven't a clue! I'm agoraphobic partly because of the anxiety I get being over weight so going to a group isn't an option for me :( I'd really appreciate it if someone could break it down for me please :) xxx
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  3. Kreckles

    Kreckles New Member

    Hi Amii, I started WW last July and I have to say I've never lost weight any easier then I am doing now. I eat what I want, and when I want, the important thing to remember is measuring your portions though and not over feeding yourself. The WW microwave meals aren't brilliant, so I would recommend trying the Count On Us Range at M&S as all items state the pro points values on the back.
    With regards to your points, I'm currently on 26pp per day, and on top of that I have my 49pp that I can dip into when I feel the need, I usually save mine up for a weekend take out and a bottle of wine ;-), I also go to the gym every couple of days to earn myself activity points which I actually try not to use. For an example, I think if someone is 14st if they walk 20 minutes they earn themselves 2pp but I could be wrong!
    Good luck with your weight loss!

  4. Amii

    Amii Full Member

    Arwwwww thank you, some of their meals are like 9 pp which I think I could make a dinner that tastes nicer for that :)
  5. Nemesis82

    Nemesis82 Silver Member

    Some of the ready meals are nice, you just have to try them and decide. I do think sometimes you get more for your points with other foods but sometimes you need something quick and easy. Their puddings which are usually 4 or 5 points are so yummy that even my boyfriend who is technically underweight (he's not normal, i know :) ) loves them and would never guess they are from a diet range!

    Do you know how many points you should be on if your doing it from home?
  6. Amii

    Amii Full Member

    Someone said 36 and on the app I downloaded value diary it says 39 :/ so I guess one of them is right lol, I've just had the cottage pie and I take back what I said as it was gorgeous :) I had tried a pasta thing earlier but it was rubbery so I guess I'll just try one of them all and write down the ones I like x
  7. Nemesis82

    Nemesis82 Silver Member

  8. Amii

    Amii Full Member

    Thank you :)
  9. hayzydayzy

    hayzydayzy Member

    I've been doing SW for the last 4 weeks and have really struggled to lose weight even though I've stuck to plan! I have heard that it just doesn't work for some people so I am coming back to WW where I lost weight before. I work stupid hours so can't get to group so am going to try and do it from home. Any tips or advice with regards to the Pro-points system would be greatly received. I have worked out that I can have 29 points as I am 42, 170cm and 78kgs, is this right? and how do the weekly points work? With SW you could eat as much fruit as you liked is this the same with WW?
  10. kvm77

    kvm77 Member

    Hello! I'm also new to weightwatchers, having done the old plan years ago, and slimming world last year.
    I love the freedom of the pro points plan; and having the extra 49 points on top is just great! You can have these all in one go, or spread over the week, however you like! Whatever you don't use, you lose, they don't get carried over. So it's great, I like to treat myself on the weekend, and this plan allows for that! With the 36 points I'm on, plus 49, makes 85! Wonderful!
    Only joined on Monday just gone and weighing in at 17st8, I've a way to go!
    Good luck everyone! Kirsty x
  11. kvm77

    kvm77 Member

    Oh, and yes, all fruit is free!
  12. Nemesis82

    Nemesis82 Silver Member

    29 points is correct and good luck with it :)
  13. megygogs

    megygogs Full Member

    hi i weighed in at home this morning no class near where i stay and to expensive to go on line to do I am 5ft 1in and weigh 17st 3.5lb hate saying that Could you tell me what pro points i should be having and what i would have for extras every week Thank you xx
  14. Nemesis82

    Nemesis82 Silver Member

    I need your age to work it out :)

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