New to Weight watchers


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Hi everyone

I started ww last week tuesday after messing around with cambridge diet so much. To my dismay i have weighed today and only lost 1lb :cry:. It is totm and i know i ate (and drank):rolleyes: a few too many points the other night.
Hoping for a better loss this week. On average how much have you guys lost weekly?
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Keep at it. I did CD and it did screw my metabolism up a bit but once your body realises its getting a normal amount of food it does readjust.

Good luck



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Welcome, Naomi.
I was told to expect to lose 1lb per week on average. Take it slow and it will stay off.
Good luck.


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Hi hun, welcome, i did 22weeeks on cd them moved onto ww ive lost a steady 1lb a week since with a couple of sts but they were my own fault.xx

Obviously every1 is diff but stick to your points and you WILL lose.xx

Good luck hunni.


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S: 20st3lb C: 19st11lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 0st6lb(2.12%)
When i did ww b4 i lost 22lbs but it took me 3 months and everyday at the gym to get that loss

Less Rotund One

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Hi Naomi and welcome.

I moved from a VLCD and have lost a bit, gained a bit, lost a bit....

I think WW give you a guide of 1-2lbs per week - and if you stick with it you will lose.

Even at 1lb per week, that 2 stones in 6 months gone with very little effort really.

Good luck. x


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hi, im loosing 1lb a week at the momment which is encouraging to see that others do too!!

suz x


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If you've got a fair bit to lose though, it does seem that you can lose more than 1lb a week. I lost two my first week but five the fourth so honestly I wouldn't worry - just keep going.



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I agree with everyone else. I lost 1-2lbs a week since I started. Some people lose slightly more but even at 1-2 lbs you will shed the weight quick enough and still live your life. 1lb for TOTM is great actually. I look forward to seeing how you do next week.