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new to weightwatchers!

Big H

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Yeah its nice to know nothing is really forbidden. I've got 37 points to play with, not even sure ill be able to use all of them lol! X
Nice to see another Essex person :D I start tomorrow too. I've got 55 points per day :)


Overweight or undertall?!
hi CorrosivElement

ww pp is great, enjoy your 37 points because when you get down to 29 you won't have any problem using them lol x

Big H

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Welcome :)

Wow 55 points per day!!! I'd love that
I'm in the "I shouldn't use all 55 points" mindset. But I guess that the calculations are scientific and I should aim to eat the correct amount even if it seems a lot x


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You should use them all and your weeklies!! I try just to eat my weeklies at the weekend- my wi is on a wed.

Also discovered green tea- really has helped my weight loss alongside the plan :)
I used 30 yesterday so I wasnt too far off! My wi is also on a Wednesday so ill probably end up dipping into my weeklies at the weekend too. I'm going to try not to use them in my first week though! Xx
Defo use the pps and try to use weeklies! It will work! I'm in week 2 and i love it... You can have meals put without worrying! Xx
i didn't get on with slimming world either.

start as you mean to go on by having all you're dailies and most of you're weeklies, you can make adjustments later on if needed.
i usually leave about 9 - 10 weekly points just incase i've made some boo boos on my counting especially if i've eaten out.

i'm really enjoying Propoints, i'm eating loads and the weight is coming off.


Overweight or undertall?!
Bluekazanne, it's up to you how you use them but i would not suggest you use all 49 on the day before your weigh in lol

I think you have to experiment with them because different things work for different people. Personally I only use mine on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and my weigh in is on a Wednesday night and that seems to work ok for me x
Do you have any tips for drinking Green Tea. I find it so sour tasting I cant seem to stomach it. Which brand do you buy and how many cups a day do you drink and do you add anything extra? Sorry, plently of questions!!
Thank you.


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Hey Jellybeans

I just make it the way I take a normal cup- with 3 spponfuls of sweetner and milk!

It looks horrible but tastes nice- hope that helps :)

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