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New to WW...Any lunch ideas PLEASE!!!

Couscous salad

Oatcakes with toppings



cup a soup

Pasta salads


These are the kind of things I tend to have for lunch :D
I make a noodle thing that I really love - heard it from a Weight Watchers class about four years ago.

100g dry weight plain noodles
75g frozen prawns
about 200g tinned pineapple / juice (weight includes juice)
about a quarter of a red pepper if you have it in (don't bother if not)
2tbsp soy sauce

Night Before:
Cook the noodles and cool them
Put prawns in fridge to thaw
Put noodles in a tupperware with chopped up red pepper, chopped up pineapple, pineapple juice and soy sauce

On the Day:
Put prawns into the tupperware with everything else and give it a stir

This makes a HUGE pile of it for 7.5 points.
I know it sounds really weird (and I always feel freaky as it looks a bit peculiar to be eating cold noodles), but I love it and take it at least twice a week!
i love the cup a soups the light choices ones are 0.5 points or 1p for the ones i hav tried i have them with crisp bread x2 0.5 per bread and extra light soft cheese = 20g 0.5 or 1 depends which one u use with cucumber or pitta breads points vary with the cheese or ham again points vary cook past night before and let it cool put in fridge and then next morning add tuna and salad or chicken and salad anything really hope some of these help u x
Thank you so much for the ideas :)

Esp the noodle one, sounds lovely!!

I made the cream cheese and pesto wraps in this weeks mag...lets just say i wont be trying that one again :jelous: hehe

Gem x


Right to the 'point'
My usual lunch is;

Tesco Light Choice Cous Cous pot (hot water needed) for 3 points. A packet of WW crisps for 1, a Tesco Light choice cuppa soup (I got with the chicken noodle as it's the lowest pointed) for 0.5 and a pack of cherry tomatoes from Tesco and also a sugar free hartleys jelly.

So 4.5 points for all that!
I take smoked tuna, (John West 2.5 per tin) mixed with mayo and salad. Ainsley Harriot hot & sour soups are 0.5 for 2 sachets, nice with a sandwich. Moroccan couscous - roast some onion, courgette, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers with moroccan spices and add to cooked couscous - delish. Pasta and prawns with a little sweet chilli sauce, red pepper, spring onion, low fat and tasty.
Melba toast or bagel with extra light philly, shredded ham and cherry tomatoes.
I hope this gives you some ideas x


Right to the 'point'
I take smoked tuna, (John West 2.5 per tin) x
Don't know if it is something you'd fancy but the John West tuna light lunches are 3 points each and I think they are brilliant!

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