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New to ww forum

hi everyone :)

i have been lurking on minimins for a while now i tried the meal replacement shakes last year but was not for me lol. i have done ww classes before years ago and did well so i decided to give ww another go.

i started on wednesday doing it from home, and so far feeling really good/motivated already lost 4lbs :)

i really think minimins is insperational and all the people on here are so helpful reading all posts on here are spuring me on thanyou ladies and gents :D x
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Hello and Welcome.

I love looking at the before and after pics in the sucess story section.

Its crazy how different people can look.

Good luck with your weight loss


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Hi welcome to the site, yes minimins is insperational, everybody is helpful if you need to ask any questions. Congratulations on your 4 lbs weight loss that is a great start and incentive to keep on going good luck and keep us posted on your weight ins.
thanx everyone :)
im doing really well so far and feeling happy as i got through the weekend which has always been my down fall (to many takeaways and sunday dinners)
iv also started working out more so really aching but in a good way cause i know its working lol, over the weekend i got the biggest loser game for the wii which i think is such a good workout it has a gr8 workout plan which im gonna try and stick with it fingers crossed hehe :) x


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ohhh tell me what the biggest loser game is like!

i dont have a wii yet but totally considering since i heard about this game
hi vicki the biggest loser game is really good so far its such a good work out and you can choose what level you start it also has a fitness plan where you decide what days u workout and what days u rest for the week u can choose a 4, 8 or 12 week plan the game varies what routine so u dont keep doing the same one all the time that way u work your entire body which is good i always tend to stick to the same workouts so i find this game the kick up the bum i need hehe :)
it also features weigh ins and eliminations, lots of recipies exercise and video tips :)
i can really feel it in my thighs and abs which is good definately recomend this game it is one of the best fitness games iv used for the wii so far :) x


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Good luck and congratulations on your 4lb loss! That must be the best motivation you can get!



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best of luck tommor :) i must buy that biggest loser game sounds great


I'm going to be slim
good luck with ww & welcome
thanx nicolas & chocoholic :) i weighed in last night and i have lost a total of 8lb woop woop so happy my clothes are already starting to feel better :) felt a bit more hungry yeterday but dident last long, so happy coz i resisted snacking lol x


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8 Whoop whoops for bella1985red
thanx for all the support girlies :) i think being on this forum makes the world of difference im still feeling really positive and havent wanted to stray once but its nice to know that if im feelin down or need any help i can find help here :)
i think im going to have another good week which is such a good feeling :):):) x

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It doesn't matter how much weight you lose each week, it feels great to know you had a good week and the weight is comming off.


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Hi all!

Hi everyone
Ive just joined this site,
Im doing weight watchers with my fiance from home.
Im really worried we wont loose weight.
I thought this might make me more positive about it. I read a few posts and it made me feel really good.


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Good luck and well done!!!