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New Warning About Chinese Takeaways!!

Hi there everyone,

here is a email from w.w to talk about chinese portion size
so the points are per ONLY 100 GRAMS

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly how big each container is as the takeaway stores uses various sizes, but our database is built on each meal containing 100 gram.

So if you buy a smaller or bigger portion you just have to alter your POINTS Values to match.

Hope this helps.

even thou many people have said that they have not seen a differents in a w-i's !!

but it sure will make me think next time i eat one! god dam!!!
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Per 100g is NOT good news!!!...though it doesn't make a lot more sense. It makes chinese quite a high point meal though I would imagine, because a chow mein from the chinese is probably more like 500g, which would make it REALLY high in points...much higher than I would imagine actually.

Where did you get this info from, because I'm sure I asked this question before and was told it was per portion/container?

Think I'll steer clear of chinese all together in future, just to be on the safe side.
Im somewhat confused about that too.

In the new 2007 Eating Out Guide it says:

For the catagory restaurants ie: Chinese, the points values have been calculated based on average portions in average restaurants.

Which is the way we've always worked it out. Surely if it was per 100g it totally defeats the purpose of the Eating Out Guide as you can hardly have them weigh your food for you. The eating out guide is meant to simplify things for us. Thats the whole point of it.

I think Ill be sticking to what the EEO says. Im sure had I been overeating my points by so much every week it would have showed on my weight loss by now


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From the thread title i thought maybe it was a warning to say Chinese food will kill instantly or contains toxic bugs or something.

B'eh a takeaway is going to be a splurge anyways with WW points. I mean i know they say options etc which is great but realistically all takeaways are going to heave up the points.

Its all good because i wouldnt really eat a chinese :) i am a pizza girl. oh dear...

i understand what you all saying - and even me i was fed up with this !-

how ever w.w do work out on 100g - per portion !!!

like i said above i have not seen a change in my w-i either but it will make me think how much a portion might be next time!

my advice - if you not seen a diffenece whats a point in stopping!!!!

but on the other hand that a email from a horse mouth!!

dam it but worth telling you all about just in case!


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S: 12st5lb C: 11st6.5lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 0st12.5lb(7.23%)
Hope you enjoyed it - all 120 points ! Why didn't you really go for it and have prawn crackers on the side !! You might have been able to make it to 150. lol


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S: 12st5lb C: 11st6.5lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 0st12.5lb(7.23%)
We always said WW was a great diet didn't we ?!?!?!
Lol - Well Thats A Email We Recived So That A Email I Tell You! -

Well Maybe Next Time Portion Size Does Count If You Work Them Out - Even If You Cooked That At Home The Points Woulkd Be Higher!

120 points?!! Lol!!!! Hmm....not sure that can be right - not when (according to the eating out guide) you can eat a whole Dominos medium pepperoni passion pizza for 28 points!...pizza is much worse for you that chinese, chinese is supposed to be one of the healthiest options for a takeaway - or so I was told by a previous ww leader.

Think something's gone a little wrong somewhere....120 points....what an achievement for one meal!! :rotflmao:

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