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New workout DVD (!)


I will succeed!!!
Well, I planned to go to a body combat class tonight, but it wasn't on this week (grrr). So instead I unwrapped a new workout DVD (well, new only in the sense of never used - had it for 4 weeks lol).

It's the Tracy Anderson Method - a dance cardio workout that Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna rave about.

1 - has anyone done this before? If so, what did you think?

2 - I'll come and give some feedback when I've done it :)

Wish me luck :p
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I will succeed!!!
Okkkkk then!!!

I was a little bit naive and expected it to be like a dance aerobics class. But nooo...it's 8 small dance routines and they're not overly difficult, but when you do them 'to speed' it is.

She's prancing about the screen all elegantly - God alone knows what I looked like!

I think it'll be good though - there are a lot of ballet type moves in the routines and I can see why she has the body she does.

But, I think it'll take a good few weeks doing it 3-4 times a week to get to grips with the routines though!!!

Oh well - least the OH will have a giggle hehe
sounds good - you have described it so well I can almost see you dancing!


I will succeed!!!
NOBODY wanted to see that! I drew all the curtains hehe ;-) x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
But you did it and it will have used up loads of calories! I have to throw my OH out of the lounge when I do mine! (he's retired and we have a through lounge) I have half a dozen dvds all gathering dust!
pump it up dance workout is also i good one if you really do it to speed as well i can always feel it the next day and it always makes me very sweaty - surely a good sign :]
pump it up dance workout is also i good one
I loved this for the music but it nearly killed me I was like beetroot after lol, it must have been doing me good though. It also made me jealous of all the size 6 gorgeous people on there.
haha i know its like watching stick insects prance around :] ive gotok at the warm up and first dance but the second looks impossible :]

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