new ww store in reading


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Lindsay Reisser-Weston, vice-president of marketing, said the "fixed centres" would operate like a normal shop, open from nine to five, offer advice and host meetings. The stores will also sell Weight Watchers' products, expected to include food and drink lines , as well as branded weight-loss merchandise."

my leader said this, leaders going to b there, to offer advise,
and other things,
i think is good idea..


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Ooh that sounds gd... Are there any other WW shops about??x


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[h=1]Weight Watchers® offers a new approach to losing weight[/h]We all know how important it is to have the support of a group when trying to achieve our weight loss goal, which is why we love the Weight Watchers® community so much. But we also know that reaching your goal weight has to come from your own determination as well.
With that in mind we wanted to do something fabulous for our members, in order to help you all on your own personal journey. And here’s the exciting news! We’ve just opened our first Weight Watchers Lifestyle Centre to give you a more flexible, individual experience.

If you come to visit our new Lifestyle Centre inReadingyou can expect to find a place that works to fit in with your busy lifestyle, as it’s a one stop shop for all your weight loss needs. Our traditional group support meetings will be taking place there, at times that work for you. The Lifestyle Centre can also offer one-to-one personalised weight loss consultations for that personal touch. We also provide an Express Weigh & Go service, so that however busy you are you can always make sure that you stay on track. Not to forget, our delicious Weight Watchers Grab & Go lunches, fab food and drink products, inspirational cookbooks and bestselling magazine will be available for you to buy when you pop in.
Want to know the best bit? If you like our Lifestyle Centre as much as we think you will, we’ll be expanding the concept across the country, in order to help as many members as possible benefit from it!



slow but steady!
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Interesting, again seems like something most big cities would benefit from :)


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I am going to check out the new store tomorrow.

I spoke to the Leader at my WW group and she said its been a real hit already and it opened on Monday.

Will let you all know what its like :)


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thats a fab idea i hope they open more would be fab if they opened a store nearer to me:) but then again who would want to come to Dover the only thing we have going for us is the Castle:rolleyes:


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Hopefully if it's a success they'll roll the concept out to other UK cities

*Needs one in Leeds*