New Year, New Me...9 days late.

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  1. Xx2009ash

    Xx2009ash Full Member

    So back to this. Ive did some thinking back to when I was steadily loosing weight and three things stood out that worked

    1. WW
    2. Exercising
    3. This website.

    Thus why I am back. Just thought I would give a brief introduction to me, myself and I. When I first started my weight loss journey, I was 16 and a whopping 16.5. I joined weightwatchers and slowly the weight came off. At my lowest I was around 11.2, that has now shockingly crept up to 13.5 :O I REFUSE to let myself go back there.

    I’m at a good place in my life at the minute, job I enjoy and a very supportive boyfriend. So after a week of horrible hospital food I’ve decided now is time. I’m so determined I’m not even going to have the “one last binge” I usually crave.
    This time I’m not going down the weightwatchers route. I’m opting for clean, lean living. Small and often meals and reduced carbs.

    So my Diary starts as of tomorrow :)

    Ashleigh xxx
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  3. Xx2009ash

    Xx2009ash Full Member

    Day One:

    Popcorn (not great but better than crisps)
    Protein Shake
  4. Xx2009ash

    Xx2009ash Full Member

    Day 2:

    Morning: Rice Cake.

    Lunch: Turkey breast slice
    1 egg
    50g sweet potato

    Dinner: Turkey breast slice
    Small omlette (1yolk, 2 whites)
    Mixed Veg.

    Snack: 4 M&S sugar free sweets.
  5. Xx2009ash

    Xx2009ash Full Member

    Day 3:

    50g of porridge oats made with 1/2 non diary milk and half SS milk.
    TS of Agave Nectar
    1 TBS of flax, almond and brazil nut mix.
  6. Xx2009ash

    Xx2009ash Full Member

    Slipped with the tracking.


    Breakfast/Lunch: Turkey fillet grilled. Brown rice. Brocoili.
  7. Fedupwelshgirl

    Fedupwelshgirl Full Member

    Hi i joined sw in 2011 where i lost just over 2st but had to give up due to health issues,i have now decided to start again as i want to lose a bit more before i go on holiday. I was going to try sw again but because im unable to get back to a group and the plan has changed i just thought i would eat healthy and see if that works. :rolleyes:

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