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New Year, New Start - I WILL be slim by 2015!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by HorrorQueen, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. HorrorQueen

    HorrorQueen Member

    Hi all, I'm Beth, I'm 24 and I've been trying to lose weight for a loooong time. I always get fed up and go back to my old habits, but this time next year I'll be 25 and I really want to change!

    I've had some big life changes in the past year and I really want to make 2014 all about self improvement. I feel motivated to do this, and I think this time I can stick to it! This diary will help me stay on track, I reckon. Can't currently get to a group, so I'll post my weight loss here :)

    Also, I'm a total cooking newbie and I've been collecting up healthy recipes to try to cook, so when the inevitable disasters happen (or on the very very rare chance I actually make something nice!) I'll probably post that too :D

    I'm veggie, so doing the Green plan

    Good luck to us all x
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  3. HorrorQueen

    HorrorQueen Member

    So today was a good first day for me, I never usually cook and all 3 of my cooking attempts went well :eek: and I feel nicely full & satisfied now :)

    Breakfast: Porridge (HEX B) made with Soy Milk (HEX A) with some mixed berries (Free)
    Lunch: Mushroom & White Bean soup (home made) with a bit of fat free fromage frais (Free + HEX B on the oil in the soup & 1.5 Syns for extra light spread)
    Dinner: Bean & Sweetcorn Chilli (home made) with rice and a baked sweet potato, + side salad (Free)

    Snacks: Fruit salad (apple, grapes, berries) + Activia 0% yoghurt (Free), 10g-ish Japanese Rice Crackers (2 Syns) Syn Free :eek: cinnamon rice pudding (Free with rest of HEX A Soy Milk)
    Drinks: Coffee x 2, Tea x 2, 1 litre of water, 1 litre of squash (All Free)

    Good first day for me, had a bit of a wobble when my sugar craving kicked in, but I had a nice cup of herbal tea and that sorted it out! Didn't get in my 2nd HEX A but going to buy some Extra Light cheese triangles tomorrow so I'll have them from now on :)
    Last edited: 4 February 2014
  4. HorrorQueen

    HorrorQueen Member

    Been mega busy this week but I stuck to plan all week, then went away at the weekend and had a mini-splurge, but I had saved Syns all week so it was okay.

    Just weighed in and I've lost 6 pounds, woohoo!! :)

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