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New Years Eve and feeling deprived!

Oh me, today has got to be the wrost I have felt, weak, dizzy, sick etc Just checked Ketosis and dont think am quite here yet - nearly tho!

The thought of not going out tonight or even having a nice meal is making me feel really deprived! I know I'm not going to cheat but I fel so down, I cold cry!

Have made hubby to be's supper (prawn stir fry - which I hate) and he knows there is no crisps and dips coming but he's happy with a few beers (think he feels guilty eating as it is!!) Got a few DVDS in and the blnds closed already! I know how great I'll feel tomorrow by getting through tonight but gee I would bubble!:cry:

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest....

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you sound as if you have it well planned. stick to it and you'll be in ketosis before you know it. Feeling rough is a good excuse to snuggle under a blanket and watch your dvds.
Thanks purple julie!

I know it was my choice to do this this week and to be honest I know deep down as well that I dont regret it, just need to get on with it and stop my gurning!!

Least there wil be no hangover tomorrow!
well my new years treat this year will be a glass of sparkling water! I normally have tap water. The amount of weight I have lost so far makes me feel so good - I have taken in the waists of all my trousers and I still need a belt and they are now hanging off my bum!! I will really need some new trousers soon.

Also don't forget to have a look at the inspiration slideshow - it does what it says on the tin!!


Back on the wagon!
"Clink clink" fizzy water glasses.....all the best for 2008!!! Here to a slimmer us this time next year!!!
I know what you mean pineapple, its a tough time indeed. Im meant to be going to a Party, planned on driving so thats sparkling water for me but just dont think i can handle explaining why im not eating to everyone so may also celebrate quietly :rolleyes:

Think of how happy you will feel tomorrow and your nearer to ketosis :)

Best wishes to you all for the New Year and i second Bea...heres to a slimmer us in 2008.... :party0019:

I decided to restart before new yrs too pineapple just felt in the zone and was too afraid id gain even more,u can do it stay strong!

Happy new yr ever1
Hiya girls,

Ist of Jan - can you believe it!!

I must admit, last night was one of the biggest strugles I have faced yet and even now am battlng with my mnd! I sooooooooooooooooooooo want somthing to eat! Just had my sis round first footing me, telling me that I should be eating healthy and exercise, I was sooo tempted to go with them for a meal - but am here and never gave in. I would really love it to stick to this for the 4 weeks I intended but even tho the physical hunger is prob gone now, I swear all I think about if food... Sorry to mention that word and I know I should think of my wedding but jesua I could eat the scbbiest horse out there!!

Am just away to catch up on some stories and prob look at the pics again!

Well done to everyone getting through last night. We will get there... x
Hiya girls,

Ist of Jan - can you believe it!!

I must admit, last night was one of the biggest strugles I have faced yet and even now am battlng with my mnd! I sooooooooooooooooooooo want somthing to eat!
Oh today I am the same, I keep looking at the left over sausages on my kids plate with yearning and I am a vegetarian. I will drink some fizzy water. Mind you this really does remind me of when I stopped smoking - I had the same kind of mind set and the thought of having to go through the first few days again is what keeps me going.

I have a sister like yours - I made the mistake and told her I was going on lipotrim and got an hour lecture on if I would eat properly and use a bit of self discipline. Oh it is so tiring.

Right you can stick this for four weeks, of course you can, look at how much you resisted these last few days and of all weeks this must be the hardest so if we can get through!
Sausages Mrs C????? lmfao!!! hunger monster must be a bad ass!
Keep at it Pineapple, just the fact that you started on LT before NYE is amazing! If you can manage that then the world is yours for the taking!! Just think how small your dress will be next New Years! woop de doop!
big pat on the back my love x
Thanks girls!

I think the days are getting harder, not easier!!

Still sticking with it, back to work tomorrow, so hopefully with being back to normal the days will fly in...

Keep up your hard work ladies, sorry for the winge.. x

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