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  1. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    Hey Everyone.

    I did post in the Cambridge Diet returners forum but it seems people use this one more :)

    I am currently at 13st4 and aiming to be 10 stone. I do however have a mini goal and that is to wear a size 12 dress on New Years Eve!

    I have done this diet before but didn't follow the steps - I lost just under 3 stone in 3 months so I'm hoping to do the same again this time but actually follow the steps and come off Cambridge properly and maintain :)

    Yesterday was my Day 1 and I had a chocolate velvet tetra, strawberry shake and chocolate shake. Today's menu is chocolate velvet tetra, vanilla shake and banana shake! Looking forward to going back on the bars if I'm honest, especially the lemon ones!

    Thanks for reading :)
    Shelley x
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  3. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Hi Shelly , Im hoping for a size 16 dress for Vegas on 10th Nov , fingers crossed x x x x
  4. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    I'm sure you can do it! What are you at the moment? x
  5. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    Day 3! This was the worst day for me last time however I actually feel really good today. I think I'm perhaps in ketosis as I'm just really thirsty and not hungry :)

    Had a sneaky peek on my scales this morning and they show a loss of 4lbs so let's hope it's a good first week loss next Wednesday!

    I'm so excited to be slim again! I am however worried as I have a 2 week all inclusive holiday at the end of September so I have to try and enjoy myself while still making choices that won't make me put on whatever I have lost by then!
  6. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    I was a 22 in July pal , I bought new dresses for my holidays to Cyprus x

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  7. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    I may have had a sneaky peak on the scales this morning and I'm at 12.13 which would mean a 5lb loss since Tuesday!

    I've got my weigh in on Wednesday so I'm pretty excited now!
  8. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    Oh my god... Words cannot explain how much I hate the mango shake - I am currently forcing it down :-(

    I'm allowed bars next week - is it true you can have up to 3 of the lemon ones a day? I think I would like to do lemon bar in the morning, another bar (chewy malt!) for lunch and then maybe chocolate shake for dinner!
  9. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    Day 6! Can't believe I'm nearly a week in already. Hopefully it will go this fast until 27th September when I have my Canada work trip and Croatia all inclusive holiday. Really hoping that I can lose a good amount before then, and hoping that I won't too much weight on after!

    I've been drinking 2 litres of pure water a day then another litre or so in tea - I either have black tea or one of the twinings teas - gingerbread is yummy!
  10. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    Officially one week in! I've had a chocolate tetra, 2 pints of water and will be having a chocolate mint shake at lunch time! My scales said 12st10 this morning which would be an amazing 8lbs loss - hopefully they will match up with my consultants. I know they say to not weigh yourself but I just can't help myself - it's kinda part of my morning ritual haha!

    So excited to get the shakes I actually like and some lemon yoghurt bars for breakfasts! It's now 25 days to my holiday so I'm really hoping for a stone lost by then!

    Has anyone had any experience of being on plan for a month or so then going on holiday for 2 weeks? I am so worried that stone would go straight back on!
  11. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Hey Shelley,

    Looking forward to hearing your first official weigh in! Well done on having a good first week - i've not branched out into the tetras yet, but had my first lemon bar this week - I did really enjoy it, but wouldn't want one daily - I like to save them for a treat! :)

    I'm three weeks in - starting to get a bit bored of the lack of soup options - such a shame as I love savoury food! No cheats yet, despite cooking for OH every night...i'm feeling in the zone and resisting things on daytrips out. If I was going away, the key would be to be as good as possible, and not to let one cheat de-rail me - this is something I can quite easily do, so need to avoid!

  12. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    I literally hate all of the soups! I have got a mixture of lemon bars, other bars and chocolate mint/chocolate orange haha! I'll have the odd SS+ day to get my savoury fix ;) I had a chat with my CDC today and she advised me what I should steer clear of and what should be ok - it seems the key is to keep up the water!

  13. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    I almost forgot my weigh in results! I lost 8lbs! Woohoo! I also lost about 5 inches. I celebrated this with a lemon yoghurt bar and a pint of tea! So in the zone now and feeling great!

  14. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    great loss, well done. Same as my first week loss :)
  15. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    Thanks so much Liz! It's an awesome feeling hey? Makes all that resisting of temptation worth it!
  16. atifa

    atifa Member

    I restarted my Cambridge diet on Sunday. I had a few sachets left over from before so my first official consultation is actually today. This is now day 5 and i have lost 8.5lbs just needed something to keep me motivated. Yesterday was my worst day but feel so much better today I am excited I would ideally like to lose an extra 21lbs by the 26th September I know its quite high but I am super determined. Any help would be appreciated. Any recommendations of products would be a giant bonus

    Sorry for the essay and Thanks in advance x
  17. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    I would just say drink as much water as you can - that's what I am trying to do! First week is always the hardest, I think once you're past that you'll be ok :) xxx
  18. atifa

    atifa Member

    Thanks do you ever find yourself struggling to have 3 products. I find I am so full from the water that I will literally burst if I have another product.
  19. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    It really depends the kinda day I'm having haha! I have a lemon yoghurt bar at about 9am, a different bar at about 1pm and then a hot chocolate mint shake when I come home from work... and endless cups of tea and pints of water inbetween!
  20. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    I've had a really awful week with personal problems involving my Mum but I haven't gone off plan which I'm glad about. It's been very tough but in some ways the diet has helped as that's about the only thing I can control at the moment!

    It's just under 3 weeks until my holiday so I would ideally like to have lost a stone by then!

    Hopefully things will get better this week....

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