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New Years Eve plans??

I'm off to a local pub for a music night that my OH and friends are DJing, so can't see that it'll be much different from any Friday or Saturday night. Just hoping that the landlady doesn't decide to do a buffet. That might make it a tad harder / impossible.

What are you guys up to?
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Dinner at a friends house and lots of champagne! Aiming for SW friendly food and 30 syns on drink, then make sure have all the ingredients for a SW friendly fry up in the morning so I can get straight back on track on New Year's Day. Well I can but try!
yay - organisation is the key!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I am off to my neighbours (no travelling and kids welcome YAY).

He will no doubt put on a great buffet, but I plan to fill up with an exciting mugshot before I leave lol. Gonna leave the food well alone.

I will be drinking vodka and diet cokes - not gonna be counting them but they are better synwise than cans of lager.

I overdid things (as planned!) at Christmas, and am in no rush to do it again quite so soon. But a few drinks can't hurt can they? ;)
I'm not doing anything! Cooking SW quiche, SW chips, SW cake, SW sausages and any other syn free/low syn SW nibbly food I can make and pigging out! I have a date with my lovely fella, a bottle of Lambrisco Light and the TV lol.


Slow but sure....
Just a quiet night in with my DH planned for me, with a nice bottle of wine to welcome in 2010.

Have a wonderful time everyone, no matter where you are going to be to see in the New year.


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Doing nothing, as usual!
We never go out on New Years Eve, so stay in and watch telly. Most times I land up toasting myself at midnight, as by then hubby is snoring away.
I feel jealous - would love to be staying in rather than venturing out into the chaos of a city seeing in New Year (even a fairly quiet one like Cambridge). It isn't a night that shows people in their best light.

Like the mental image of everyone dancing round the Maypole though.

Oh well. I'll do the big syn-free cook-up on New Years day instead.



I am doing nothing as usual! New year always makes me feel depressed! Least I can say I left 2009 a wee bit slimmer!
Blimey-riley! That's a big old May pole!!!
Aww - that sounds like a lovely tradition to be part of. Have lots of fun.
BBQ sounds good too - lots of syn-free scrumptiousness there!
Blimey-riley! That's a big old May pole!!!
Aww - that sounds like a lovely tradition to be part of. Have lots of fun.
Every three years they take the maypole down at easter & replace one half of it & then there is a big festival in may where the whole village gets together for a party & the men (& some women) carry the pole back to the hole & it is raised up. Then a bloke climbs it with not ladders etc & touches the top. I love it!

YouTube - Yorkshire's Big Erection

Not rude it's the raising of the maypole!
We are partying at a friends house with the kids so I will be driving, so that is my excuse not drink. I also hope not to be tempted by any food thats on offer :eek: I may even take my own :D

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