New Years Eve - what's up?


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There's a thread about Christmas, but I thought I'd start one about NYE.

I only get every second NYE without my kids (they're with the ex) so I feel like I should make the most of it, but I just don't feel like going out and partying. Its been a tough year and I'm feeling antisocial. Plus even if I do manage to reach goal by then (not sure whether I will), I don't really want to launch into a drinking binge.

So now I need to decide I'm just being a coward and need to face my fears, get dressed up and go out and enjoy myself - it's been forever since I've had a big night out, or whether I should treat myself to a night in a nice hotel or spa or something and spoil myself rotten. Will I feel lonely?

Decisions, decisions. What's everyone else planning? How can this be made special without food or alcohol?
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To be honest Picnic, I was a little bit like this last year. My birthday is the day before New Years Eve. And it's a nightmare. No one ever wants to do anything because they are chilling ready for NYE. So last year, I threw my toys out of the pram and refused to do anything. I said I was ignoring my birthday. It had been a really horrible couple of months with some stuff that was going on too. Anyway, my brother, bless him, took it upon himself to invite the whole pub over to our house and brought cake and beer and stuff and it was quite fun in the end. Although the neighbours didn't appreciate it and I got a death threat in the morning, which was nice.

I think this year, I will be having a quiet one!!

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Personally I would treat myself to a night in a lovely hotel with a spa and wake up to a new year all pampered and ready for the year. I don't really bother with new year as I have 2 young children, so we just go to bed! A bit sad but new year has never been a huge thing for me!

Whatever you decided make sure you treat yourself and glam up. You deserve it.


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I've never really gone for New Year in a big way in the past. This year is different however! We are already booked in for a dinner and dance at a hotel near Gatwick with a group of friends. I will be at goal and I will look wonderful in a cocktail dress. I will eat sensibly, have a glass of champagne to toast the new year in and will dance to burn off those calories!

This year I feel it is appropriate to celebrate the new year and the new me.


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It's not sad not to celebrate new year. I think it's a bit over rated personally. For me, it was always an excuse for a 48 hour drinking session! Which is not good really!

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Well we plan going out nye..clubbing..we wont drink alcohol, just stick to water..but i will dancing loads to shift calories:)


nearly there!! :)
im hoping to be at goal by then too.
its mine an oh 4year anniversary nye so ive asked him can we do summat special for this year!! not sure what it will be spec cause we have a little lad to so might just spend the night in but i no itll be brill cause ill finally have my weight where i wanna be.
so although it has been a hard enough year for us i want to end it on a good note!ha


Not even thought about NYE yet.
I think that by that point, I'll have (hopefully!) lost at least my 3stone-in-8weeks, and if I say to my mates I'm only drinking water due to being on a "diet" in general, they'll see enough of a difference in me to accept that