New Years Resolutions 2012


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I actually have a few this year, usually its only a couple of things like... well I think last year's was "lose weight" and "get a new car" or something like that, failed at both lol.

1. Lose weight and get to my ideal weight!
2. Join the gym once said weight has been lost and successfully maintain!
3. Get my first tattoo once said weight has been lost and celebrate being successful!
4. Make sure that I don't have "lose weight" as my 2013's new year resolution...


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1)lose weight
2) do at least 1 adventure thing every month i.e. bungee jumping, skydiving
3) find a new job
4) train my ass off for the summer
5) be a good person and confident


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Get fit :)

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Gotta Make A Change
simple really irishlass, good luck and I'm sure you will get fit, look stunning and be proud of your achievements


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My resolutions

1. Lose weight (this is the last year this one will feature hopefully)
2. Run 5 km
3. Run 10km
4. Go out to the pub more :)
5. Find a babysitter I love
6. Go out with hubbie more (after I achieve no. 5)


I can and will do this!
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My resolution?

To make absolutely sure that 2012 is the last time my resolution is to lose weight!!! :D


Gotta Make A Change
god, my new years resolution also is not to get a cold 3 sleeps before xmas, lost 8lbs in the past week, and now i got the dreaded cold :(