Newbie, 21 weeks to lose 21 pounds!

Hi everyone!

So it all started as a baby... Well not exactly, but to put it into context I have always been the chubby one! Ever since I was a kid, all throughout school and up until now, I have always been the chubby one. So a couple of years ago I deciding I finally wanted that beach bod, but that was 2016 and I still haven't got there! I don't know what my heaviest was (I'm guessing around 12 stone) and I managed to get it down to 8 and a half stone in 2016, however I then met my partner and all the meals out etc meant I put back on a chunk of the weight I lost.

Without boring everyone with the details, I joined Slimming World from July-December last year. My original weigh in weight was 10 stone 2. I managed to get this down to 9 stone 4 in December and then typically Christmas hit! I started back on plan on January 1st, but my birthday was last week so I had a few days off and now (as of yesterday) I am 100% back on it!

With the past few years being on and off Slimming World I have decided enough is enough and I want to get to my target weight of 8 stone before my holiday at the end of June. My current weight is 9 stone 7, hence I have 21 weeks to lose 21 pounds! I don't want to re-join Slimming World as I really want to prove to myself that I can do it from home and I want to be good with money this year so I don't want the expense. So I apologise in advance for any syn related questions as I no longer have the app to help me, however I do still have the book and remember most of it!

I guess I just wanted to join and speak to like minded people going through a similar journey, so we can all encourage and help each other get to where we want to be!

I will upload weekly "weigh in" posts and write a bit about my progress, struggles, and general weight related thoughts! This forum has always been really helpful to me as an outsider reading forums, so I'm taking the step to join and I'm hoping it will help me on my weight journey, time will tell :)
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