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Newbie - 46 days till wedding!!

Good luck Bella!
Good luck, you can do it!!! x


Likes to eat
Welcome and good luck! But - as a side note, you shouldn't be eating less than 1200 calories a day unless medically advised to do so or your body will start to cling to fat and lose muscle, which means your metabolism will slow (making it harder to keep it off).


Slimming down the aisle
Ok, have you worked out your BMR and stuff? If you either post here or message me your height, weight and whether you're not active, lightly active etc. and I can work it out for you if you want. Or you can see the sticky which is about working out how many calories you should have.


Slimming down the aisle
Is that after applying the activity multiplication?

To determine your total daily calorie needs, multiply your BMR by the appropriate activity factor, as follows:

If you are sedentary (little or no exercise) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.2
If you are lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.375
If you are moderatetely active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.55
If you are very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725
If you are extra active (very hard exercise/sports & physical job or 2x training) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.9

That then gives you the calories you need to maintain your weight.

1lb of fat takes 3500 calories to burn. So for every 500 under a day you are, you'll lose roughly 1lb a week.