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newbie alert lol

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tattoominx, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    Hi guys and gals I'm new :)
    I've started slimming world with a target of 3 stone to lose maybe 3 1/2 (see how it goes)
    Looking for friends in the same boat as me for support :)

    Happy new year xxxxx
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  3. tamkat

    tamkat Well-Known Member

    Hi im new to site too Im doing sw at home was meant to start group lastnight but chickened out :( First week not been great as went off track at weekend but found this site lastnight so hopefully it will help keep me on track lol Im looking to lose 5 stone.lost 3 and half stone in 2012 with rosemary conley got pregnant & put on nearly 5!! Whoops
  4. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    Good luck hunny xxxxx
  5. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member


    Thought I'd pop in, I'm new also this is my second week and I have 7st to lose, it's my weigh day on Monday (very nervous!!!) I have problems though because
    I am a vegetarian and on slimming world..so I have to follow the green plan and I keep running out of ideas, so on we go !!

    Good luck in your journey x
  6. Kashmira

    Kashmira New Member

    Hi all! I'm new too...looking forward to getting to know you all. Best of luck with this week's weigh in!

    Kash xxx
  7. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    I'm so nervous about weigh in this week. I'm on a lot of meds so I'm never going to have outstanding results but I hope I've lost something lol xxx

    Good luck with your weightloss journey xxx
  8. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Well-Known Member

    new too...used to be really fit & healthy...new job, no exercise, eating out and general laziness means i've now got 3.5st to lose!

    Great site, love to hear from anybody else in same boat..
  9. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    Good luck babes xx
  10. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    I'm so scared about my weigh I tomorrow , I went to my daughters and had a cheese flan, hopefully I'm ok but I will be putting it on here tomorrow :)
  11. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Well-Known Member

    one cheese flan will not undo a whole week of behaving - unless it was the size of a manhole cover!
  12. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    I'm sure the scales will be nice to you xx
    Last time I was on sw. Id been good all week.. then went to a friends one evening had a shed load of larger and ordered a kebab.. think it worked out at 75 syns I was so guilty untill weigh in but I still lost 4lb ;)

    Please let us know xxx
  13. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    Thanx ever so much for the support only time will tell !!!

    Do you do a lot of exercise on your plan ?? Xx
  14. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    Personally I don't do any. I have physical health issues :( so apart from a few physio approved stretches I can't do anything x (which sucks) xxx
  15. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry I didn't realise, but every little bit helps ... Hope you feel better soon, so well done once again you are an inspiration to us all.

  16. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    awww, hun thats a lovely thing to say x

    did you weigh in tonight? how did it go? xx
  17. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    I weighed in my first one and lost 5.5lb well pleased, it helps having lovely people to talk to for support, if we think we done something wrong there are always people
    To talk to, as long as I have the support from this site I think I can do it..( hopefully) got 7st to lose yet !!!!

    Hope your ok when is your weigh in ??
  18. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    wow.. well done hun.. thats amazing!!

    my first weight in is tomorrow (joined last week) im panicking on if ive lost LOL.. i "feel" like i have but we'll see// but cause i cant do anything physically and im on some pretty hefty meds.. (with weight gain as a side effect) im starting to worry lol xx
  19. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Well-Known Member

    Don't be nervous you will be fine, if you have only lost a little you know it's not you and probably the meds but I know you will be ok...
    I will defo be on here tomorrow to see how you got on..
    I'm on here every nite anyway..I do seem to talk to you more and time_to_diet which is nice! I will be thinking of you! and remember don't be nervous :) xx

    Tracy xx
  20. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    3 hours to weigh in ** biting nails** lol
  21. tattoominx

    tattoominx Well-Known Member

    4lb off!! So so happy xx woop woop xx

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