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Newbie - chocolate shake

Hi all,

My 7 day taster box has arrived today - I'm trying the products first to see if I can stick to this (I have terrible will power but desperately need to loose weight). I tried the chocolate shake and was a bit disappointed with the taste - any tips as to how to make it? Also - does anyone find any other flavours less bland than the choc? I really need this to work :(

Thanks :)
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The chocolate is my least favourite, which is disappointing as I imagine most people expect it to be the best and start off with it!

I like the vanilla most (but am yet to try the choc mint and the caramel one).
Thanks - that was me exactly -I thought choc would be the best and then worried that there was no way I would stick to it if they were all like that! How long have you been following the plan? :)
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Hey Amy, I was exactly the same when I first started, expected the chocolate to be great. Well, I used it up and didn't re-order it, simple :D
I found it nicer to make with some coffee, just to give the general flavour a bit more punch. Also, I must admit I do like strong flavours so I would add some sweetener to it too. But I must say, my personal favourite is banana. I know it's all down to taste but I do agree on the chocolate one. Very disappointing.
Everyone has their own favorite, I like the chocolate but have it hot and thick. In fact I prefer them all hot. I mix mine in a shaker with a bit of cold water until it is mixed then top up with hot water, not boiling, to the desired thickness. I do not have a sweet tooth so do not add sweetener's but occasionally a teaspoon of coffee to the choc or vanilla makes a nice change. Try it this way and see what you think. TBH though they are what they are, just neck them, they will never be a gourmet experience.
True, just need to find a way to make them work so that I stick to it. Thanks for the suggestions - I think I was expecting something slightly sweeter, but I've read that they don't contain sweetener like slimfast.
I'm hoping I'll just get used to them - will give some more flavours a try tomorrow :)
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They do contain sweetener if you read through the ingredients. It would be a very bland affair indeed if they didn't, seeing as it's a lot of soy protein, vitamins, and flavouring. Tastewise, it would be one notch up from grout I reckon ;) So see what works for you, you want to stick with it for a while but as drawboy69 said I thought was a fair comment. At the end of the day, it is a slimming product which is never going to be like an ice cream milk shake. So grin and bear it and once you start seeing results, it will be a whole lot easier!
Thanks. I know lots have said this but I totally agree that blending with ice makes a huge difference. Finished day 1 yesterday - was very hard but managed to get to bed without cheating and am 2 lbs down today (prob just fluid but at least its a motivater!)
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Can I also add that you will find your taste buds actually change over a period of time, and you may find you even like the chocolate one I know thats what happened to me, but I do the same as drawboy69 I have all my sweet shakes hot and they seem to come out thicker and more substanstial. I also eat them with a spoon which takes me a bit longer so feel full for longer


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I also like the chocolate the least, don't buy chocolate now. You can add sweetner if you find they aren't sweet enough but I think you'll find after a week or two that they are quite sweet. I've never liked the sweet shakes so these are great for me.

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