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newbie feeling down

Firstly hello and welcome! :welcome: I'm sorry your feeling down, please dont be disheartened. There are a a number of reasons you could have not lost anything, such as is it Star week? You said you followed the plan to the letter, which plan were you doing, Green, Red or EE? Did you make sure you weighed your Healthy Extras etc?

Talk us through it and maybe we can help. Perhaps keeps a food diary on here so we can have a look.

Cheer up hun! :flowers:
:welcome2: Good to have you on board. Don't know why you haven't lost anything, which plan are you doing? It could be so many reasons, but the main thing is not be disheartened, stick with it this week, write everything down, plan your meals so you know exactly how many syns you are having and don't leave anything to guess work.
Welcome along.
Dont be down hun, we are all here for you for support and advice. Dont be down about the weight not shifitng yet, give it time, it will happen and you will be happier than you have ever been and wont ever look back xx


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As the others have said there could be any number of reasons why you've not lost. It can be a bit confusing to newcomers and they may not realise they're making mistakes so definately post your food diary. Were you on a different plan before starting SW? If it was a very low calorie plan it can take time for your body to adjust to normal eating again.

There's a great thread here which will have lots of useful advice. The important thing is not to give up!


Miss Q

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Hi and welcome.

I can't say anything the others haven't said already, but let me emphasise the importance of keeping an accurate food diary, AND - more importantly - DONT GIVE UP YET.

If you read the thread that Circes posted the link too (its very helpful), you will find that Natt says in it that this diet won't be for everyone, and she is right. But, that is impossible to tell after just one week so please please persevere and let us know how you get on next week.

Good luck :)
There was a chap at our group last night. It was his first weigh in and had managed to GAIN 2 pounds. The poor chap had been doing Extra Easy but had been having 2 slices of bread from an 800g loaf as 1 HEXB, had been having too much milk as a HEXA, wasn't eating enough free foods, etc. It all adds up.

Like the others say, if you post you meals for the day on here we can give you feedback it. Stick at it. Once you get your head around the plan it really does work. Stay positive :)
oh thanx so much for all ur encouragement it rally boosted me. I'm doing EE and have stuff like scrambled eggs and salmon for brekkie no milk meat pasta salad for lunch and meat two veg for dinner.
Muller yog for pud.
he milk for my coffee and normally an alpen bar choice b or a slice of bread .

We all have weeks where we don't lose even if we stick to it. It's just our bodies are working so hard at all these new things going on that it has readjust. If you stick with it and make sure you weigh healthy extras and syns you will prob have a cracking loss next week. Most common reason for gain is water retention. Are you eating super speed foods these are s and SS in your book these foods is what will make you lose the most amount of weight as their low in cals but high in density and filling up on these foods is a thing you should get used to.


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Hi, sometimes I find that I dont lose as much as I thought I should if Ive not eaten as much. The more I eat, the more I lose. Especially when I drink more water as well.

Im a newbie onto this site. And I hope I can post this, Ever since Ive joined I can very rarely get onto the site. For some reason it says I dont have access!!


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Yes I'm with the rest! Have you been having lots of free veg and having all your syns? If you don't eat all your syns then you won't lose your weight! At the start you have to almost eat till you burst! to lose weight! It's totally alien to slimming but that's how it works! I bet my pension you haven't been eating enough!
I've been trying EE this week and keep wondering if I will still lose. If I don't then I'll revert back to red/ green. Maybe you could try again this week with EE and if it isn't working for you then try one of the other plans?
A lot of others on here swear by mainly red days with a splatter of green days for good measure!
Good luck, we're all backing you! x


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Lot's of good advice has already been given out for you, so I will just welcome you to the forum and wish you luck with your weight loss, good to have you join us. X
thanks again for all the encouragement:D
Have done a sneaky weigh in this week and found i have lost 2lbs yippeeeee. Now motivated to carry on.
did realise was eating wrong bread and put that right and have been eating more fruit so heres hoping:D:D

Thanks again u guys really helped xxxxx


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Hi Wellsy

I'm new too :) I was getting myself into a right tis about it all - didn't know if I was doing a red or a green day at all! Worked it out at the end of the day - all wrong. So I sat down yesterday and planned what I was going to eat for the coming week, hope to see the scales move at wi on Thursday :)

I'm doing a food diary and it's amazing how a little bit of this and a bit of that mounts up on the syns!

I've just had a lovely brunch though, eggs, bacon, spinach and mushroom salad - yum. Feel stuffed now, amazing that this is a diet!!!! It doesn't feel like one.

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