newbie food diaries :)


im new to slimming world and not going to meeting in doing it myself from research of here and other sites
i dont go to meetings as im not very confident :(

ok so i started yesterday and i had

brekfast - banana
dinner plain jacket potatoe
tea- bacon veg and sw chips

snacks were 2 tangerines,few slices of ham and a peice of bread used from HE
syns used on baked walkers crisp
and a mini cookie :)

today ive had

brekfast - porridge used from HE
dinner jacket potatoe with beans and loads of salad
tea-beef laods of veg and potatoes

snacks ive had - muller light, banana,slice of ham
syn used 5 for baked walkers crisp and 2 for a tea spoonful of suger for in a cup of tea
drank loads of water today too :))

am i doing ok ????? all help will be very gratful :) thankyou! xx:D
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