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Newbie for Lipotrim..

Hello ladies,
I'm, not sure where to post?
I am about to start back on LT after 4 years....am excited and frightened at the same time.
I am the heaviest I have ever been and, at the moment, can't bring myself to say how much I weigh....
Looking forward to being a part of group of people who understand what it is like to be on a VLCD...
No doubting that I will spending a lot of time on here !:wave_cry:
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Hi Jax!

Welcome and good luck - Im pretty new too but have found so much help and inspiration in these here boards!



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Hey Jax,

theres plenty of re-starters on here...............me included.

When are you re-starting? U know it works so you should be fine, you know that the 1st week is difficult too!

Do you know why you re-gained the weight? If you can identify that then you are well on the way to making this the time you succeed to keep the weight off!!

Cant 'weight' to see you posting your 1st weeks loss!!!

I used to live in South London, whereabouts are you??

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jax, welcome to the forum. You will find this a great source of support and advice. It does not matter whether you have little or loads to lose, we are all in the same boat- dealing with food issues. Lots of luck on your journey. Just wait till you get your week one weigh in and you will be flying at it then. Keep up th water intake to help with the hunger.
Thanks girls, feeling better already. I live in Greenwich and am going to Pharmacist tomorrow...so, am hopeful of starting Thursday....which is ideal.....as am thinking if I feel weak at all, it's likely to be around the weekend! Feeling excited and nervous but,can't wait to start losing chunks of weight.


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Hey Jax,

I used to live in Woolwich when my kids were little.... although I lived most of my life in Bexley!

Its good to know there are other pharmacies around as when Im in the UK I try and stock up on LT!!!


5 stone to go!
best of luck delicious-jax and debsy on your start,,, just keep logging on here when you feel a temptation coming along and well all get there together..fingers crossed for a great weigh in for you both!!! ..x
Good morning,
Well then...today I go to Chemist and get started on LT. I feel so relieved...knowing I am going to rid myself of some weight,some serious weight.
I hope you all have a good day-together we can do it. x


Size 14 here i come!
Hi Jax, i used to live in Greenwich, quite close to the heath. Is 'Up the Creek' comedy club still there, i virtually lived there,lol
Anywho.... good luck with today, it's good you're excited it will get you through. I'm a restarter and found 2nd time starting easier than first. Don't get me wrong i have had tough times, my week 3 was a killer but the people on here got me through. Let us know how you're getting on!


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Hey Jax Welcome :D Yay another South Londoner - I'm in Bromley :D

Come on here for plenty of tips, advice and support - this place is amazing for that.

I know how embarrassing it is to be big and I found that declaring my weight in the anonymity of this forum a big help surprisingly (I started off last July at just over 21st and am now around 16st - aiming for 12st eventually :D) We are all here to help and support and encourage.

Good luck with your journey and it wont be long before you are at your goal :D :D xxx


welcome jax and debsy.... !! good luck and watch those lbs and stones melt away !xx


Down boy!
Hi Jax

:welcome: to the forum and good 'ol LT. I am a restarter as well, I gained back nearly 1 1/2 stone over the Xmas season after doing so well on LT...nearly reached my goal....it was sooo close.
Looking forward to your posts and progress....this is such a difficult, but effective diet ( also expensive) we cant fail this time. So cheers...here's to us....she says whilst glugging her 2nd ltr of water....lol!!!;)


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good luck to you both on starting LT the 1st week is the hardest then its plain sailing hang in there girlies xxxx


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Hello Jax
Welcome :)

Trixie Firecracker

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Hi Jax!

I'm a restarter too unfortunately (Why oh why did I let myself get back to square 1?!)

Once you get back into the swings of things you'll be fine and the fat will just melt away! ;)


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This is also my first week(returning after having another baby!) get weighed on saturday, Goodluck Jax hope u do Fab! Can't wait to see what we lose!! xxx
Hi ya,
Thank you for all of your supporting posts, it means such a lot to me, so tahnk you, thank you and thank you !!!

I went to Pharmacist, got weighed...ouch!
A huge 20st 13lbs.....never in my life have I weighed this much!!
I nearly cried but, bit my lip and have my packs and am ready to go.
I know it wont be easy and there will be times when I will be so tempted to eat but, I will remember the feeling of being told I weigh 21st...all but 1 pound.
I am having a few glasses of wine later and a nice meal....then, it's to bed and tomorrow.....I am sooooo excited! How mad!! Looking forward to a few days of hunger!