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Newbie got 4 stones to lose!

Hi everyone, thought I will say a quick hello and introduce myself. Have started the CD today. Had my first choc shake and was pleasently suprised :)

I am 5"6 and weigh 14.3 stones. Need to lose 4 stones for my wedding next Sept.

Picturing myself walking down the aisle and on honeymoon, will hopefully keep me motivated. I am slightly worried about saggy skin but will be doing lots of toning exercises and hoping for the best.

PS: The before & after pics are great. Amazing differences.
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Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Bubloo, welcome to the forum and the world of cd'ing, you'll love it! It's a great diet and weight loss on SS is fantastic, the 1st few days can be hard so be prepared and once you're in ketosis it'll be much better.
Good luck with your first week!
Thanks for the encouragement Lellycd.

my first day was not as bad as I expected. I think i will find drinking the water tough. keep needing to go to the loo :D

does anyone know if we are allowed Smints (sugar free) on CD?


Trying to stay healthy!
you'll get used to drinking the water, i find i get really tired and thirsty wothout it now!
Don't think smints are allowed i'm afraid, it's pretty much the 3 packs and black coffee, tea and water.
Hi Bubloo and welcome!
Lellycd is right about the first week being the worst as i found day 5 so bad i had a ww meal. I am now in my 4th week and cant believe how quick the time has gone - yes its boring but god it works. I am/was a person who ate all the time ( hense my 17.7 stone starting weight) and now it doesnt bother me at all. I have a husband and 2 year old to cook for too. I had inlaws down yesterday and all ate fish and chips - wasnt bothered.
My hint is to drink lots of water - it also stops headaches as you can be prone to them on this diet.
On week two i was allowed to buy the crystals - forest fruits or orange and although they are £6.60 for a pot they'll last forever as half a teaspoon is ample per drink. I have orange and its very nice. The bars are really nice to and i love malted toffee, choclate and peanut. I have to say i hate all the soups.
I have now started ss+ and thought the quantity of meat would be small but it really isnt and you'll be surprised how your needs change. I have a shake for breakfast and lunch, fish/chicken with salad/veg for tea and keep a bar for my pudding ha . It is working for me.
I think the biggest kick that keeps you going is how soon you feel and see results. I have already lost 5 and half inches off my waist and people are noticing.
Another hint is to put icecubes in your shake before you mix it up - its gives it a bit more of a thickshake taste.
God sorry havent i gone on ha ha -like to motivate people as i have been helped loads on this forum
keep in touch and good luck xx
week 1 -13lbs
week 2 -4 lbs
week 3 -2 lbs
Thanks for the advice Karen. I can't wait till i see results. Three years ago when i meet my fiance i was a size 12 and now im a size 18.

Can i be really nosey and ask if you've had problems with saggy skin?
I haven't as yet and like you , when i met my husband 11 years ago i was a size 12 and now i am a 20/22. The annoying thing was i had slimmed from a 20 to the 12 and of course when i met him it was meals out etc and it soon goes back on. I think some skin is bound to happen, but i had a baby 2 years ago and my tummy hasnt got back to normal yet anyway.