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Hi everyone,

I have lost near to 6 stone with Lipotrim and decided after 4 month of crash diet that it was enough and that I want to lose the next 3 stone in a healthy way. I have tried WW years ago and it was fab.

A lot of things have changed. Now my first Q is do you HAVE to to the fast track for the first week or is it Optional?

Then 2nd what are your Avg. Weight losses a week?

Thanks for sharing :)
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No you don't have to do the fast track week if you don't want to, I have never done a VLCD before so don't know if it would be beneficial to you to do fast track for the first week to ease you back into solid food. I'm sure there will be others on here that can answer that question a bit more expertly than I have.

As for average weightloss I think that entirely depends on the individual and their circumstances (ie whether they exercise, religiously stick to the plan etc), but with WW the healthy amount to lose is 1-2lbs per week so I guess if you are very committed to the plan thats what you can expect.

Good look.
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I would imagine it may take your body awhile to adjust, so don't be disheartened if the results aren't great for a week or 2. Stick with it and it will work - ww is fab! Make sure you tell your leader what you were doing.

I used to lose 2-3lbs most weeks as I exercise a lot, but now its down to 1lb a week, which I am happy with.
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No fast start is optional
be prepared to put some weight on in the first couple of weeks
your body needs to adjust - not just from the vlcd but also the fact that it is very very low in carbs - as your body readjusts to eating carbs remember that for each gram of carbs I think it is two of water to make the glycogen that will be stored not only in the muscles but also the liver - that is why people who do carb free or very low carb diets will lose weight fast in the first couple of weeks - the water is expelled

so perhaps not a fast start couple of weeks but perhaps reintroduce carbs slowly

good luck with WW it is a great plan

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