Newbie here- 6stone to lose


Hi folks. Never been on a forum like this, but hoping spending time reading things from like-minded people will spur me on to do the things I want to do.

I want to lose around 6 stone (possibly more) but for now I feel that's a realistic target.

I guess I know where my weight got out of control. I've always had a good appetite, but was always quite an active girl. Played football for my county, was a black belt in taekwondo and then I hit 15/16 and discovered going out and drinking and I think that's where it all went down hill.

I don't eat alot, but I definetly eat the wrong things. I have a limited diet, which I'm hoping I can learn to change with the help of the advice on here.

New Year, New Start! Tomorrow is DAY 1!

Cheers guys
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Blue Butterfly

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Hey Mafen.
Good luck with your weight loss journey :)


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Hi Mafen, I'm in the same boat as you - 6st to lose and good health to gain! Good luck and keep posting! :)


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Good luck on your losing your weight, there a some great people on here, always willing to give a word of comfort.


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Hey Mafen, I'm starting today too, with the aim of loosing about 6 stone Good Luck!


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Hey Mafen!

Also in a similar boat.. aiming to lose 8 stone..

New year, new goals and new forum buddies to help us along the way! We can do it!! :)

Good luck!



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Hi and welcome Mafen!

I know that it seems like a mountain to climb but I had about 10stone to lose and I'm down 3 1/2.

You gotta make the changes - diet and exercise - and make them stick. It's not easy but just focus on how you're going to feel 6st lighter!! :)


Thanks for all the friendly welcomes. Great to pop on here every few days and read all the messages. Good luck to everyone who's also starting a new 'journey' this year!