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Hello :wave_cry:

This is my first time posting on a forum but i am about to begin the Cambridge Weight Plan and feel i may need all the help i can get!!

Ever since having my amazing little baby boy i have really struggled with my weight, enough is enough now.... i am now weighing more than i did when i was pregnant!! :cry:I am just stuck in a rut and cant stop eating!!!!:eatdrink051:It is mainly boredom and being home all day with my little one, but there really is no excuse now he is one years old.
I am about to start a part time job after not working for so long and reality hit me like a ton of bricks when i realised i needed a size 16 uniform when i had always been a size 10 before my pregnancy, if i dont do something NOW im just gonna slowly get bigger and bigger!!!

Ok so ... i found a CDC and we had a nice chat on the phone and arranged my first meeting... im a bit nervous but excited at the same time... i just want to get started!!
I would love any advice from anyone who has tried the diet or has been in a similar boat to me any tips, advice, comments ANYTHING would be a huge support ... (even if it is just how to work this website haha)

Thanks for reading and i will keep this updated of my progress...


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Hiya and welcome....this site is fab for help and support so you are in the right place......CD is an amazing diet ......the hardest part is the first week though some people sail through with nothing.......
Make sure you drink plenty of water though.....around 3 litres if possible......the flavours are gorgeous....

Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you get on...x
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I totally echo Sonkie...Water...Water...Then MORE water ;)

Welcome & Good Luck Xx
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hi there and welcome

before i got pregnant with my first child, emily, i did cd but a higher plan and was a stone away from what i saw my goal as. i got pregnant and put on over 5 stone in weight. i went from a size 16 to a big size.... so big i lived in maternity trousers as i wouldn't buy any new clothes until i lost weight. i didn't quite know what size i went to but it was probably around a size 22? i put on weight after my pregnancy too. i had PND, was trying hard to breastfeed but thing were going wrong and i ended up eating to compensate. i'm not sure how much i put on after having ems but i can guess it was 2 stone before i took action.

i went back to cd in the feb 2008 when she was 14 months old (got my first weigh in in maternity clothes).

i lost 5 1/2 stone in 5 months by ss and 810 plan going lower than my initial goal. i got fit, started running and was in peak health. i got pregnant again. this time it was different where i watch my weight more often i didn't eat half the rubbish, although i did have treats.... i wasn't eating mint magnums, take outs etc etc. i was still running and did a half marathon at 11 weeks pregnant. i carried on running until i was 20 weeks, getting slower and slower. i stopped running and then had my 2nd child, matthew. i didn't get PND this time round and although i had gained 5 stone again, i was determind not to put on after being pregnant.

however, i did. i lost about 2 stone after having him and put on 1 1/2 stone after him so basically up to my pregnancy weight again. this time i took action more quickly. he was born april 2009 and i started weigh watchers in the back end of august as i was breastfeeding him and it was going well. it got to feb this year and i was going to the gym, i'd lost 2 stone in the 5 months i'd done ww. i caught sight of myself in the mirror and looked awful, a square box. i decided that enough was enough and stopped feeding 'dude' and started cd doing ss again.

it is do-able and there's so much support on here.

the best thing is to start a diary in this thread section. you can post in the general section though.

any advice.....

1) keep busy
2) clean your house if you feel hungry or go for a walk (basically - if you feel weak get out of the kitchen lol)
3) drink plenty of water. i always drink a pint before my shakes.
4) if you can't handle your shakes in the full as they're too sweet or sickly then either add more water and make them into a pint (which is great), or half them and half 6 lots of half shakes rather than 3 lots of full shakes (if you are on 3 shakes a day).

remember - YOU CAN DO IT! we have all done it and we will support you the best way we all can :D


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S: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb

Thank you sooo much, its really encouraging to hear that, and thanks for the tips!! :D

I cant start Cambridge Diet until Wednesday when i meet my Consultant so ive decided to do Slim Fast for two days to get me started...

Feeling really positive and motivated . . . hope it stays this way :rolleyes:



will try harder !!
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I'm on week two, and in all honesty hunger wasnt the issue for me last week, it was struggling to drink the water, but the more you drink the more you lose - or so they say, so it is worth sticking too, good luck,


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my advice would be to ignore all the head voices telling you to stop. you will get a lot of this in the first week (and even from those close to you) but i guarantee that if you get through the first week then there will be no stopping you. dont talk yourself out of it. good luck!

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