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Newbie on Lipotrim - 7 stones to lose!

Hello, just registered online as have a lot of weight to lose - over seven stones, a mammoth challenge! :sigh:

Am now on my third day of the Lipotrim diet. Its been very hard going, and am feeling very waterlogged.:cry:

How is everybody else doing on the Lipotrim? Know we all need encouragement and support to stick to losing weight and get to our goal weight! :)
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Loves to be happy
First of all WELCOME to Lt and best wishes to you in achieving your goal...
im on my sixth day today and basically whats got me thro is thinking positivly. do not let the bad thought creep in they are Lipotrim's KRYPTONITE seriously. just stay positive know that you Can do this you just need some tools t help you along the way.
try to set mini goals and when you achieve them it will spur you to continue. I have 6 stone and when i first got on her i was thinking... thats gonna take ages Until i saw other profiles with mini goals and i watch as the posted with such happiness as they achieved. So read a couple of people with a similer amount to lose and ask them Qu if you need too.
sorry for the novel but i really send you good luck and best wishes.
Nat xXx
Thanks for posting Nat. Been navigating my way round here and have seen some mini targets that others have done. I tried to create my own 10 steps but for some reason it will not be accepted in my edit signature box cos of too many characters. so am not sure where to put my mini targets for publicity to spur me on. Would you know where it can be posted? Dont worry if you dont. But thanks for your welcome message! Much appreciated
End of week 1

Just popped in to give a quick update. Have survived my first week on LP. Found the first 3 days hard going, but focusing on the task, drinking as much water as I can (just over 3 Litres working my way toward 4 Litres a day), I am not suffering from hunger pains for the time being.

Have lost 8 lbs. Not quite as much as I had hoped for first week loss, but then again, my period have started so this may account for water retention.
Still trying to fathom my way around this forum, as so much to see and do on here, one doesnt really know where to start!!
Onto week 2 and will hope for a steady weight loss next Friday.
Hope everyone else is doing well on lipotrim.
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Hi and welcome to the forums! Good luck on your weight loss journey!

Sharkbait1983 x
Thanks Sharkbait1983. Good to see how other people are doing to help with the motivation, knowing we are all in the same boat with a individual goals to achieve :)
End of week 2

At the end of week 2, I got weighed today, and was thrilled to have lost another 6lbs, bringing my tally to 1 stone loss! Yay! :happy036:

Next mini target is to shift another 14 lbs. As I enter week 3, hope to keep the momentum going and reading other peoples' work in progress posts. Have been drinking lots and lots of water and keeping myself active so I dont stray into food mode thinking!!

Hope everyone else is getting on okay too.

Liz x
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End of week 3

At the end of week 3, I weighed 4lbs lighter! :girlpower:
Very encouraging news, which is keeping me motivated and on track to losing the next (second) stone. Roll on week 4!
well done fatbusterforever thats a good loss x x x
Thanks so so hopefull and well done to you losing 8 lbs in your first week :)

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