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Newbie saying hi to everyone!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BellaSky, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. BellaSky

    BellaSky New Member

    Hello!! I am Bella, i'm 33 and I have started the plan properly two or three days ago. I have had the class's materials for a few weeks, but then I broke my foot, couldn't go to classes anymore (massive stairs) and got stuck to eat whatever my partner would get from the shop. But no more!! I am making a conscious effort to start taking care of myself as I would like to start thinking in a baby a year from now. I am both excited and scared. I am very glad the plan is working for so many people, it gives me hope that it will work for me too. I'm around 13st 12lbs at the moment, should lose 3 stone to be on target. I had lost two stone with WW two years ago, then had to have a major surgery and again, couldn't move much!!! So I put on a stone... I like exercising so I just got myself a couple of dumbbells, a yoga mat and I will work on my top half in front of the TV to burn some of the calories off. WW had worked for me before, but I realise I am under more pressure this year and feeling a bit anxious makes a bit harder to be on top of point counting continuously. I must confess I count syns, but...I am probably cheating a bit. Will start a food diary tomorrow.
    Please feel free to contact me, would love a journey buddy so we can support each other through good and bad.

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  3. suzannexxx

    suzannexxx New Member

    I had an injury too and although I wasn't small before it I'm definitely a lot bigger after it! I can still only exercise my top half like you, feels a bit fruitless sometimes but I hear every little helps! I started at group a few days ago and could use the extra support too!
  4. babypat

    babypat Well-Known Member

    Hi welcome to the forum. Hope WW works out for u and u will reach ur target goal in no time. Good luck.

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