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Newbie to CD....... My journey begins NOW

So here goes.... :wave_cry:

age = 25/female
start weight = 14. 1 stones :cry:
height = 5' 2
weight for a BMI of 25 = 9.9
Ideal weight = 8.10 to 9 stones
weight to lose = 4.5 stones to get bmi of 25 :cry:

So it all started exactly 5 years ago when i used to be a trim size 10 and weighed between 9 and 10 stones. I started university and with the pressure of living away from home for the first time, unable to cook and doing a very tough degree i started piling on the pounds. at first it was gradual, i gain 3 stones over 2 years. i personally never noticed even after so many comments from extended family members and then there was the year from hell where alot went on in my personal life and i gained nearly 3 stones in that one year. In the last 3 years i have tried so many diets and have never got further them 2-3 weeks. its like i turn to food to fill in so many voids in my life. The more nasty comments i get from people the more i comfort eat but i am fed up and feel like i am wasting away my 20's. On the plus side i have a lovely partner of 5 years and we are planning on getting married next year and i have a supported family or really want me to be happy and healthy. I want to be trim and slim for my 26th birthday this year and enjoy 12 full months of wearing what ever i want and just feel fantastic before i settle down. so after researching CD for a few months and reading people blogs i have finally decided to take the step to better myself and be the old me again and just be HAPPY and proud of myself. I have collected my packs and will be doing sole source. I have a holiday booked in 7 weeks with my friends and would love to be under 12 stones by then and just look resonable for once within my size 10 friends and just be happy on hols instead of feeling really miserable inside due to my weight. I feel i need to take food out of the equation and whilst doing this diet really focus on my eating habits and reasons for doing so. I really really want this know and really hope i can do it. I do feel happy that i have taken this step but healthy eating for me is just not working right now and i really really feel i cant go on like this anymore.

Reasons why i should and WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT:

  • To feel happy within myself
  • For my wedding next year
  • To look good for my OH
  • To make my OH proud of me
  • To make my family proud of me
  • To have more confidence
  • To love myself and feel happy when i look in the mirror
  • To create a better career for myself and have the confidence to apply for jobs i want to do
  • Feel really good every time i go abroad and go away with the girls
  • Feel more comfatable around people
  • To not have to spend hours trying to find something to wear in stores.
  • To be able to wear all my size 10 clothes
  • To be able to go shopping and have fun knowing i can get my size in clothes i want
  • To show all the people out there who have made nasty comments toward me (LOL)
  • To feel at peace within myself
  • To feel people are not judging me always due to my size.
  • For people to atually tell me i look hot instead of NEVER complementing me.
  • To feel accepted
  • To feel worthy
  • To feel i have achieved something in life that i really really want
  • To not panic how i will look when i get invited out
  • To not waste money and clothes that will never fit me and instead buy clothes that do fit me
  • To not watste money on takeaways that make me feel 10 times worse afterwards
  • To have a better relationship with my parner, be able to wear nice lingerie and feel good in it (LOL)
  • To wear all my HIGH HEELS :D
  • To have more energy
  • To have better overall health
  • To have more strenght and stamina
  • To atually want to do things instead of feeling lazy and fat all the time
  • To not suffer from pain in my heels and lower back due the weight i am carrying around
  • To lower the risk of obesity related illnesses
  • To not get out of breath just coming up the stairs
  • To try and get fit and healthy by introducing exercise into my life
  • To have a BMI of 22-25
  • To show people who have put me down
  • To no longer be the fat one within all my friend and cousins.
  • To feel more comftable in every aspect of life and in general daily activities
  • To be a beautiful bride next year
  • To look back at pictures on my hols and love them all
  • To look reasonable on my holiday in 7 weeks :rolleyes:
Mini plan FOR NEXT 7 WEEKS

- 2.5 to 3 litres of water plus 3 CD packs
- walking atleast an hour a day
- joing a gym in 2 weeks once my body has got used to this diet
- to treat myself to something with every 1 stone in lose
To give 100% for the next 7 weeks until i go on holiday for a week. :cool:

I wish to be supportive to others on this diet and hope all you guys will make my journey easier.... so Day 1 begins tomorrow.... bring on ketosis :)
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