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Newbie - very excited & nervous!!


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Welcome Kik,
I started LL 3 weeks ago and to be honest I have found this site and the people on it to be my rock. I have found doing LL an easy and obtainable challenge. Im not gonna lie and say I dont have bad days when its very scary to think of the road ahead...but like a few posts mention, its such a small amount of time really compared to the long overweight and unfit road already travelled.
Good luck for your new and exciting adventure.


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Hi Kik, and welcome to LL and Minimins

As BL says, get your head right and the rest is easy. Feel free to use the board as a second group (and you don't have to wait a week to share).

Good luck & you'll be amazed at how quickly the time flies.
Hi Kik,

It sounds like we have a lot in common. I am also starting LL on weds and we weigh virtually the same. I am very excited and anxious about it as I am a big snacker and chocoholic. But I feel very determined and have decided enough is enough.

Are you having lots of nice food beforehand or not?
Hi Kik
There are some wonderful members on here who will support through the good days and if any the bad. Enjoy the start of a new future you.


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Hi Kik and welcome!

And Hellybelly, if you're having a blow out, don't do it with carbs. You will have the most almighty carb withdrawl hangover and it won't make for a nice start to LL.
hi there
the time will fly by - i can't believe i have only 16 days left on foundation!
keep on coming on here - i really think it has helped me stay 100% focussed

daisy x


You only live once..
Welcome and good luck with LL :D
I can't wait to start in a few weeks time.. Wish it would hurry up & come round, lol.


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Thanks everyone for the replies, cant wait to get started!

Hellybelly1 - yes I am having a bit of a blow out but to be honest I am a bit fed up with it and dont even feel like my ususal treats!!:jelous: Maybe we can keep in touch & support each other through.
Welcome Kik - this will be one of the best things you have done, just stick with it and trust it .
Welcome Kik and Hellybelly - and lots of luck for your first week!
I've only 4 weeks in myself, but have already seen (and felt) quite dramatic changes, so stick with it - and prepare to be amazed! :D
Stick around here too - you'll find encouragement, advice and support in bundles!
Hi Kik, yes that would be great. I've added you to my contact list. I'm actually starting my first meet weds night so won't be starting until thursday properly. Really quite anxious about it and a tad emotional. Will be hard to say goodbye to food but I feel so determined so i'm hoping I stick at it. Going to put some pics on soon. What about you?
Wow Lucylastic 11lb in your first week. You must feel amazing. How are you coping with the diet? How are coping with the abstenance?


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Welcome to all three of you.You'll find lots of information,inspiring stories and support on this website.Everyone is great,and very friendly :D.Good luck.There is an April forum so perhaps you can post there too x
Wow Lucylastic 11lb in your first week. You must feel amazing. How are you coping with the diet? How are coping with the abstenance?
thanks Hellybelly, and yes I DO feel amazing! I'd dropped a dress size within 3 weeks - and it's success like that that spurs me on.
I have to say, for me it's (so far) been incredibly easy, I haven't lapsed at all, nor have I wanted to. The only difficulties have been a few mood swings (although I wasn't always the most balanced person pre-LL :D) and in the very first few days raging headaches - due to the enormous amount of carbs I'd troughed my way through before starting!
I can honestly say I've not felt hungry at all - and believe me, I had a HUGE appetite before.
My advice is to make sure you're head is in the right place to do this - it can be anti-social (I'm still avoiding my wine-slurping, take-away-munching friends!) but if you really are committed, it's a breeze!
I will add one though, that I am only just approaching 4 weeks (weigh in tomorrow) so could still be in the "honeymoon period"!! :)
Wishing you loads of luck - however if you're really up for it, you won't need any luck - just LL, oh and this place too - you'll find all the advice you'll need here :)
Good luck all you newbies!!

Best thing you will ever do I promise - I know it's nerve wracking going into absintence, but the time will rush by and the weight drop off if you stick to the plan completely.

I at the stage now where I'm having to reintroduce food and almost doing so kicking and screaming and can't believe how quickly I've reached this point. If I could stay in abstinence for a lot longer I definitely would, which proves I think how doable this plan is!

I even bought a pair of size 8 jeans this evening and even though they are from Tu, which I do believe are big sizes, I keep looking at the label in amazement, considering I was a size 18-20 before I started this on 25 October!!!

Good luck to you all once again. I'm so excited for you!


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Hi Lucylastic, wow what great results for you - its very encouraging! I am worried about withdrawl as I've been very bad this week!
Hellybelly - Ive added you as a contact but Im still trying to figure out how to use the site - I cant seem to get an avatar and my font sizes are too big - hey maybe they shrink with your size - :8855:
My first class in on Wed night too so I'll start on Thurs morning as well ! - good luck.
Hi Kik, I had to do 50 posts before I could do hardly anything on my profile... I did this by cheating a bit and doing lots of posts on the threads such as naming bands or films etc... you will find them in the LL forum...

I am really worried as I have HUGE appetite and also terrible snacker. Also I don't really like healthy food (lol). That is the negatives out the way. On the plus side I've never wanted anything as much as I do this at the moment so hoping I'll be able to do it. This site seems to be a great support already. Lets keep in touch xx

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